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the morning cram [this is bat country edition]

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A recreational drug may be just what the doctor ordered.

NPR reports the club drug, Ketamine may be able to make depression dissapear almost immediately. Are we sure it’s not the trance beat and strobe lights?

Kentucky~ There’s a flood warning starting tomorrow in Paducah. Think twice about taking a leisurely stroll on the remaions of the Eggner’s Ferry Bridge. Commercial driver’s licensing requirements are changing.

Tennessee~ The state is attempting to halt the growing numbers of prescription drug overdoses.

the morning cram [an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep edition]

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An unexpected discovery at the bottom of the sea in 1977 changed biology.

NPR tells the story of a small crew of oceanographers who found giant 7 foot worms at the bottom of the ocean, changing what biologists believed was necessary to sustain life.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ It’s raining. And the roads are flooded.  Police are looking for a suspect in deadly Trigg County shooting. Paducah Police are looking for a robbery suspect. Gov Beshear is in Marshall County.

Illinois~ Prison work is dangerous.

morning cram [oscar edition]

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Last night’s Academy Awards may be remembered by Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo’s blurted-out, excited profanity.

But as NPR reports, except maybe the people who made Best Picture winner The King’s Speech, almost nobody had a very good time at this year’s Oscars.

A local meteorologist says the area “dodged a bullet.”

KENTUCKY~ Regions Bank sues Paducah-based Dippin’ Dots for $11mil. Community Foundation will dole out nearly $400k to local non-profits tomorrow.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville may make the guy who accidentally damaged a WWI statue pay up.

ILLINOIS~ High winds blew off a trailer’s roof and downed some trees over roadways north of Metropolis. The Ohio/Mississippi Rivers are on the rise. A Carbondale drug rehab program will cut it’s multi-month-long programs.