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the morning cram [the final frontier edition]

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The shuttle program that has for 30 years explored the final frontier embarks on its final mission.

NPR reports throngs of spectators gather at Cape Canaveral to view the launch of NASA’s Atlantis for its last mission.

Kentucky~ A helicopter held up traffic on the Purchase Parkway. Four wounded veterans receive a hero’s welcome at Fort Campbell. The FEMA assistance deadline is fast approaching. The state is developing a new economic strategy.

Tennessee~ Someone set off fireworks in a Henry County teacher’s Jeep.

the morning cram [tricky politicians edition]

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Many politicians take “full responsibility” for their actions. But what does that mean?

NPR reports most politicians claim to take full responsibility for mistakes they have made, however this means little.

Kentucky~ The weather is hot, really hot! FEMA held a meeting to explain why you can’t repair your house yet.  A Paducah liquor store opposes new liquor sales. Nunn is placed in protective custody after a jail house beating. A report says coal mines aren’t compliant with federal regulations.

Tennessee~ Montgomery County residents are now eligible for flood related unemployment funds.

morning cram [caffeine fix edition]

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The line separating caffeine pros and cons is muddled.

NPR reports the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping children away from caffeine, even as hordes of new products hit the shelves.

Kentucky~ Graves County Amish appeal denied; they’ll have to keep the orange triangle on their buggies. The state Historical Society gets a grant for oral history. The Paducah City Commisioners voted on a new budget. Clinton residents may have to pay more for water. Fish and Wildlife officials plan to allow some sandhill crane hunting.

Tennessee~ The state tops $13 mil in recovery aid.

morning cram [joplin edition]

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Authorities report at least 89 people have died in the southwest Missouri city of Joplin after a massive tornado blasted through with cataclysmic force.

NPR details the disaster.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County officials will vote tonight to decide if proposed coal facilities on the Ohio River will become a reality. A high-speed chase through Marshall and McCracken ends in suicide. MSU ups its tuition rate$. The state gears up to redraw voting district lines. You can get your GED test for free (limited time offer). GOP candidate for governor David Williams holds a rally/attacks Gov Beshear. Cops’ campaign reminds drivers that seat belts save lives.

TENNESSEE~ FEMA assigns $5mil for disaster aid.

ILLINOIS~ The state Treasurer claims the state is facing financial apocalypse.


morning cram [anxious egypt edition]

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Political parties in Egypt are frantically trying to organize, register and make themselves known before elections this fall.

NPR reports a short timeline and lawlessness are making some consider postponing the revolution.

KENTUCKY~ Primaries take place today, so go vote! (unless you’re an independent). Your officials say they’re watching out for voter fraud. Paducah is taking down (some of) its floodgatesMore roads are drivable as water levels continue to fall and workers will be inspecting the Smithland Bridge on Thursday (expect delays). A 6-year-old dies in a Carlisle County bus wreck. FEMA officials will kick off a statewide earthquake exercise. Ag officials want you to get rid of standing water because of mosquito concerns. Todd County gets $500k to renovate an Elkton building. Nothing was resolved @ yesterday’s Marathon Oil price gouging hearing. The Commonwealth is pumping out the degrees.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville Police are investigating a home invasion/homicide and that sinkhole on Cumberland Drive was caused by a busted water main.

morning cram [fixin’ leaks edition]

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“Prosecutors are trying to build a case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose website has embarrassed the U.S. government by disclosing sensitive diplomatic and military information.”

NPR reports its part of a bigger campaign to shut down leakers.

KENTUCKY ~ Number of registered voters high, turnout for primary expected to be low. Red Cross gives flood recovery update to Paducah commission. FEMA says OK to start cleanup, but document everything if you want reimbursement. State budget has a surplus, but disaster cleanup will gobble it up. The Commonwealth’s population is ch-ch-ch-changin’ in line with national numbers.

TENNESSEE ~ Bill to restrict teachers’ bargaining rights evolves, advances in the House.

morning cram [you’re hired edition]

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Employers added more than 200,000 jobs last month.

NPR reports it’s the biggest hiring spree in five years.

KENTUCKY~ Prez Obama will hit up Fort Campbell today. Gov Beshear adds Calloway, Christian and Trigg counties to his federal agriculture disaster aid request. FEMA flood damage assessments begin. Parts of LBL reopen. A Hoptown junkyard fire just wouldn’t give up. A Hazel antique mall owner’s lawsuit against the city may soon head to court. Oak Grove has a new Police Chief. OVC Softball: MSU = WKU.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville will vote to ban ‘bath salts’ and other synthetic drugs Monday.

ILLINOIS~ Missouri’s latest Birds Point Levee blasting is supposed to further relieve Mississippi River flooding.  The state has a low-interest loan program for flood victims.

morning cram [benghazi edition]

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Rumor and fear are rife in Benghazi.

NPR reports Libyan rebels and citizens whisper of Gadhafi infiltrators:  sabotaging, bombing and intent on spreading chaos.

KENTUCKY~ Most of us are living in a newly declared federal disaster area as river levels crest today. Ballard and Carlisle Counties report receding floodwaters. Commercial traffic along the Ohio River is at a standstill. There’s a roadblock set up on US-60 in Livingston County. About 100 McCracken County homes were evacuated yesterday as thousands remain displaced3 are dead after a horrific Hickman County wreck. Murray and Calloway County will start picking up your debris next week. GM drops $100mil into Bowling Green’s Corvette plant.

TENNESSEE~ Union City’s Goodyear plant is still closing at the end of the year and some employees are transferring to other states.

ILLINOIS~ Union reps and Honeywell officials break up again. Gov Quinn is pushing to reform worker’s comp (for no more coverage for injuries off-the-clock).

Representative Whitfield Issues Statement on Expediting FEMA

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Whitfield Calls Upon FEMA to Expedite Emergency Declaration to President

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield (KY-01) today spoke with Richard Serino, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and urged Serino and FEMA to do whatever possible to advance Governor Steve Beshear’s request to the President for a declaration of a major disaster for all of Kentucky.

On April 28, Whitfield, after having viewed flood and storm damage across portions of the First Congressional District, led the Kentucky delegation in sending a letter to the President supporting the Governor’s request for a disaster declaration. Rep. Whitfield has continued to follow reports of rising river levels and, on the heels of the Army Corps of Engineers blasting a levy on the Mississippi River to relieve swelling river levels, Whitfield felt it necessary to call on FEMA and urge them to advance the disaster request.

“Deputy Administrator Serino was helpful in updating me on the process of the disaster declaration request,” said Whitfield following the call. “He informed me that FEMA has received the final pieces of information from the State and will now begin advancing the disaster declaration request through the necessary channels. It is my hope that this request would reach the President as quickly as possible so that local officials can have the assurance of federal support to make our damaged communities whole once more. I will continue to monitor and follow this situation closely and do whatever possible to assist Kentucky residents.”

Written by Angela Hatton

May 3, 2011 at 2:16 pm

morning cram [tucson example edition]

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Expanding Operation Streamline in the Tucson Border Patrol Sector, where nearly half of all illegal immigrants crossing the border are caught, would require Arizona to have a federal criminal justice system twice the size of the rest of the country.

~NPR reports no one has contemplated what that would cost.

KENTUCKY~ cement truck vs. van wreck in Murray kills one. The state plans to auction off Paducah’s former National Guard Armory on Clark Street.  McCracken officials give an initial nod to rezoning a county property to become a construction debris landfill. A man accused with complicity in a Calloway County beating death appears in court. Police arrest the owner of Marshall County’s Ken-Bar Lodge for allegedly operating a bar in a dry territory. Prosecutors are still pushing to execute Gregory Wilson after Judge’s stay. Beshear makes September “Coal Miner Safety Month”.
TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County officials vote to fund building a new airport terminal @ Outlaw Field. Buy major appliances and furniture by the end of the month if you qualify for the flood emergency tax breaks.
ILLINOIS~ Report: not enough new mommies are breast feeding.