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the morning cram [rise of Romney edition]

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In the battle of GOP candidates last night, Romney and Perry stood out, and Romney stood tall.

NPR reports that during last night’s GOP debate in Orlando, Florida, Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney may have taken over as the front runner, delivering a blow to Tex. Gov. Rick Perry.

Kentucky~ A Smithland home burned unnoticed for over an hour. There are no jobs in Fulton. Democrats rally in Dixon today.

Illinois~ Farms can get federal money.

Tennessee~ The Arts Commish is retiring.

The Changing Face of the Farm Workforce

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It’s good to be back at work. Yesterday afternoon’s panel discussion brought out some interesting figures about the immigrant workforce.

Let’s start with some statistics shared by Domingo Martinez, director of the Cambio Center (Research and Outreach on Latinos and Changing Communities). It’s important to note that the United States government counts ethnic groups, not immigrants, which means the statistics on exactly how many Latino immigrants are in the United States legally and illegally is difficult to pinpoint, though some have tried. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Angela Hatton

October 13, 2010 at 12:38 pm

morning cram [killer whales edition]

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“Modern day sperm whales have tiny teeth and eat squid. But this ancient sea monster devoured other whales.”

~NPR explores the depths.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah Police charge 9 men with sex crimes in an internet chat room sting. A hotly contested debate over windows at Paducah Tilghman High ends. McCracken makes building subdivisions there potentially more profitable. KSP searches for 2 Marion escapees on the lam in a silver pickup. Hopkinsville sees a murder mistrial. 3 more Fort Campbell casualties happened in Afghanistan. A road worker was hit in Caldwell County. Several new laws (driveby texting/domestic tracking) take effect this month. Rand Paul may alienate farmers by opposing subsidies. Education officials will evaluate Dawson Springs Schools (among 20 others).

TENNESSEE~ New armed robbers will spend more time in jail starting today.

On a Catfish Farm in Western Kentucky

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by Angela Hatton

This week, I visited a catfish farm in Calloway County for a story. It’s the off-season right now, so things are pretty dull. However, in a few weeks harvesters are going to be out in the water every week  until the middle of October.  Ag Extension Aquaculture Specialist Forrest Wynne was one of my guides on the farm, and he provided me with some pictures he’s taken of past harvests. Click on the image to get a better view, and enjoy!

A tractor hauls a spool holding a seine net. The 700 foot net traps the larger catfish, so farmers don't harvest a batch that's too small.


Workers get wet as a manager keeps track of the harvest on his clipboard.


Catfish is gathered from inside the seine net. A man-made catfish pond is about five acres in size, and between four and five feet deep.


Aerator paddles churn water to keep the pond oxygenated. In the summer, the paddles run on a timer. They click on at night in order to save money through off-peak electricity.

Written by Angela Hatton

February 26, 2010 at 11:29 am