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the morning cram [nuclear wasteland edition]

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In Sweden, nuclear waste disposal sites have become tourist attractions.

NPR reports that the Swedish nuclear industry has taken its toxic waste sites from protested hidden facilities to scientific field trip locations.

Kentucky~ A Paducah kid won another karate contest (I wouldn’t mess with him). Lanes are closed on US 45 in Paducah. Daviess County is becoming more disabled friendly. More Post Office closings are predicted (say it ain’t so Ms. Cleo). Guardsman Miller gets life for murder. Jack Conway is suing Daymar for screwing college kids.

Tennessee~ A man is crossing the nation on horseback (WHOA NELLY!). Blue Cross Blue Shield says stolen info hasn’t been used.

the morning cram [debt doom discussions edition]

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Bipartisan talks on the debt ceiling continue today as the deadline approaches.

NPR reports members of both parties will meet with President Obama today to try and reach a deal on the debt ceiling, and prevent the first ever government default.

Kentucky~ The weather for today… is HOT, BLISTERINGLY HOT!! The Paducah Symphony Orchestra has found a new director. A semi-truck hit an Amish buggy and killed a toddler. A visiting Job Corps student drowned in Lake Barkley. Coal workers donate large sums to politicians. Police say they wrote 21,000 seat belt tickets during a two-week crack down. The US Army is bringing murder charges against Brent Burke.

Tennessee~ Goodyear in Union City is shutting down. Gov Haslam plans to be ‘more proactive’ with the General Assembly for the next fiscal year. TVA is trying to help reduce energy costs for customers. A West Tennessee group is answering questions about construction.

morning cram [crowdsourcing edition]

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“A type of information gathering  called crowdsourcing could have a big impact on Republicans’ fall agenda.”

~NPR logs on two websites seeking input.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah approves its Executive Inn demolition contract, buys $100k in software upgrades and proposes to buy more Greenway Trail property. A committee is still working on a plan to merge the Paducah/McCracken County governments. One of Fort Campbell’s last major units prep to leave for Afghanistan. 2 Hopkinsville Community College professors are now Kellogg-certified specialists. The Commonwealth is (again) among Race to the Top finalists and ranks 40th in the nation for overall child well-being.

TENNESSEE~ A Clarksville Police detective is suspended over Facebook photos. Publix breaks ground at the former Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell/union worker talks derail. Officials think their Race to the Top chances are better this time around.

morning cram (ticks & poison ivy edition)

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A study finds climate change is good for one thing: ticks & poison ivy.

bite me.

KY~ A man was charged with murder after an I-24 DUI hit ‘n run near Clarksville. Traffic will be restricted today @ the intersection of Bleich/Lone Oak Roads.  A Madisonville church group heads to Haiti. A pilot is injured after overshooting the Princeton airport. The Commonwealth is bringing executions back. Tea Party spurs activism… but not voting. (Accused killer) Nunn’s mental eval is scheduled this afternoon. The Attorney General warns us about the dangers of using Facebook.

TN~ E-Verify your (il)legal worker.

Beverage Wars

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It sounds like a joke. A new political grassroots organization has popped up following the national coverage garnered by The Tea Party movement. It’s called The Coffee Party.

I first read about it in an article from the Washington Post. According to the article, Coffee Party participants want to work toward cooperation in government. They encourage their members to be civically engaged. In other words, they believe in the system, but they want to make sure all the gears are properly spinning. 

The Coffee Party claims to be non-partisan. A statement on their website reads, “We are diverse — ethnically, geographically, politically, in age and in experience.” Though they may try to put themselves in the middle of the political spectrum, The Coffee Party’s indictment of the political stalemate in Congress suggests a more liberal philosophy. But what can you expect of a group started in reaction to The Tea Party’s zealous conservatism?

Started in January of this year as a Facebook fan page, the movement has since branched off to member groups in 44 states. So far, the closest branch in our region is in Clarksville, Tennessee. Louisville, Kentucky, also boasts members of the brewing faction (sorry, couldn’t help myself).  

This Saturday, March 13, The Coffee Party is hosting its first national event. Dubbed simply “National Coffee Party Day,” the event seeks to bring people together to discuss issues they think are important. Attendees have been encouraged to come to a consensus on one issue they believe is the most important, and then take a picture of the group holding a sign naming their issue. Participants plan to hold these brainstorming sessions–how else–over coffee.

One could easily dismiss The Coffee Party as a splash in the pan, but weren’t we equally as dismissive of The Tea Party about a year ago? Neither of these groups may appeal to you, but their importance in shaping the national agenda should not be underestimated.

Written by Angela Hatton

March 9, 2010 at 11:13 am


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BY Chris Taylor

Welcome to your backyard blog-0-sphere!  Some of us are prepping to begin posting away with opinions and insights about issues we care about, and (since we’re practically neighbors) maybe you will to. First, get to know me.

Introducing myself: heyo! I’m Chris Taylor, a Murray-dwelling young adult, currently scraping a living as a Morning Edition News Producer @ west Kentucky’s (best) NPR-affiliate. That means I get up earlier than you (likely), but not as early as Todd (ha!).

I’ll probably be posting week-daily about the news (more likely). Sentences are good. I like parentheses, too; expect to see those (most likely).

Okay, enough fun. My interests (of which, may/may not be what I blog about) go!! >> parenting, cooking, biking, disc golf(ing), gaming, newsing, and breathing (you too!?).

Find me on facebookWKMS.ORG (me), and West Kentucky Star.

See ya (bye).

Written by Chris Taylor

January 4, 2010 at 12:10 pm