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Kentucky Primary Elections

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WKMS will bring election coverage just after 8 and 9 tonight. You can also check back later this evening for live updates on the blog. To see what’s going on right now around Kentucky, keep reading.

Kentuckians are out at the polls today to vote for candidates for state office, though turnout is low. Secretary of State Elaine Walker has predicted only 9 to 10 percent of registered voters will come out today. The Secretary of State’s office is providing updates throughout the day on their Facebook page, and election coverage is aggregated on Twitter.

At a busy local restaurant this morning, many Murray residents say they’re not sure they’ll make it to the ballot box. Arvie Crafton, a Democrat, says he’s disappointed with primaries for his party.  “There’s just nothing to choose from really,” he says. “There’s nothing on the ballot. I’ll probably go, but I don’t feel very motivated to go.”

Crafton says he’s interested to know who gets the Republican nomination for governor. Others say they’re too busy, or they’ll sit this election out, and head to the ballot box in November.

Restaurant owner Martha Lamb hasn’t made it to the polls yet, but she plans on voting today. She says, “I’m not really involved in politics that much. I maybe—I’m just strongly involved in the way America is being run. I just think it’s awful.” Lamb feels it’s important to effect change through voting.

State races on the Democratic side include Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Agriculture. Races on the GOP side include Auditor, Agriculture Commissioner, Governor, and Secretary of State.  See a sample ballot for DEM and REP. Polls are open until 6 pm.

morning cram [sea turtles! edition]

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Loggerhead turtles are born with an ability to know where they are on Earth, and which way to swim to get to favorable feeding grounds.

NPR explains how the hardbacks use a natural GPS.

KENTUCKY~ Independent voters fail to break into primary elections; voting still limited to Dems and GOP. A Senate panel moves to protect hunters’ rights, while a Senate committee says no way to Gov. Beshear’s Medicaid fix. The House passes the carbon dioxide pipe bill to the Governor. Parkway extension linked to I-24 now open near Hopkinsville. MSU’s coach named best in the OVC. The Livingston County Sheriff disagrees with a state auditor’s report that shows missing money. Area kids in danger: A Fort Campbell two-year-old found wondering on I-24; mother high, and a Paducah three-year-old rides without a seatbelt; grandmother driving drunk.

ILLINOIS~ House legislators unanimously passes a bill that cracks down on high school athlete concussions, and circuit judges must undergo performance evaluations.

Livingston County

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Number of Precincts Reporting, 10 of 10

Ballot results are below. Unresolved and write-in races will be announced tomorrow morning.

Smithland Liquor by the Drink Referendum

Yes – 81

No – 51



Bobby Davidson, R – 1797

Jim Wilson, D – 1666

Rundels (Write-In) – 557 (unresolved)

Magistrate, District 3

Jimmy “Brent” Ferrell (I), R – 550

Larry E. Barnes, D – 318

County Surveyor



Grand Rivers City Council (Nonpartisan), Six Elected

Pat Gorbett – 147

Oliver “Bud” Hunt – 142

Frank J. Buchanon – 138

Brenda Lady – 142

Dianne Bingham – 139

Randall O’Bryan – 93

Mark A. Stiles – 66

Bill Huffman – 132

Salem City Commissioners (Nonpartisan), Four Elected

Judy Hodge – 184

Jamie James – 161

Stanley C. Wallace – 155

Gary Allen Ivy – 150

Janet Hughes – 236

Barnes (Write-In) – 34

Salem Mayor (Nonpartisan)


Smithland City Commissioners (Nonpartisan), Four Elected

James Terry – 97

William “Bill” Mahan – 97

Melvin “Bubbie” Martin – 99

James “Jim” Woodyard – 110

Carrsville City Council (Nonpartisan), Four Elected






County Races

County Judge Executive

Chris Lasher, D – 86

County Attorney

Bill Norwood Riley, D – 91

County Clerk

Sonya Williams, D – 96

Property Valuation Administrator

Sue Ann Carver, D – 95


Benjamin “Benji” Guill, D – 98


Andrew S. Fox, D – 98

Magistrate, District1

Terry Stringer, D – 7

Magistrate, District 2

Franklin Walker, D – 31

Magistrate, District 4

Marvin Buford, D – 34

Constable, District 1

Dennis Keith Jones, D – 7

Constable, District 2

R. J. Nestle, D – 30

Constable, District 3

Owen Hurley, D – 9

Constable, District 4

Phillip Ramage, D – 55

City Races

Carrsville Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Deana J. Gerding – 19

Smithland Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Joe Ward – 3

Grand Rivers Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Tom Moodie – 11

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Hopkins County

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Number of precincts reporting, 0 of 40

Absentee ballot results are posted at the link here.

Final results are available at this link.


County Judge-Executive

Donnie Carroll (I), D –

Jeffrey Oakley, R –

County Attorney

Todd P’Pool (I), R

John C. Whitfield, D

Property Valuation Administrator

Uncontested: Margaret Brown, D

County Clerk

Uncontested: Devra Steckler


Uncontested: Frank Latham


Uncontested: Joe Blue, D


Uncontested: Dennis H. Mayfield, D

County Surveyor

Uncontested: Thomas Crabtree, D

Magistrate, District 3

Christopher H. Toney, R

Tim Riggs (I), D

Magistrate, District 5

Shaun Roberts, R

Wilma S. Rogers (I), D

Billy N. Parrish, I

Magistrate, District 6

Danny Byrum, R

Charlie G. Beshears, D

Magistrate, District 7

Rupert Furgerson, R

Maurice Wilson, D

Rick Stevens Hovis, I

Magistrate, District 1

Uncontested: Karol Welch, D

Magistrate, District 2

Uncontested: William “Bill” Groves, D

Magistrate, District 4

Uncontested: Larry E. Wilson, D

Constable, District 1

Uncontested: Robin Duke, D

Constable, District 2

Uncontested: Darrel Ray Todd, D

Constable, District 3


Constable, District 4


Constable, District 5

Uncontested: Thomas Oldham, D

Constable, District 6

Uncontested: Mike Todd, D

Constable, District 7

Uncontested: David Anderson, D


City of Madisonville

David Jackson, R –

Will Cox (I), D–

Madisonville City Council, Ward 3

Raymond Marion, Jr., D

John Stewart, Sr., I

Madisonville City Council, Ward 5

Bob Simmons (I), D

Rick Campbell, R

Madisonville City Council, Ward 1

Uncontested: Dallas Cunningham, D

Madisonville City Council, Ward 2

Uncontested: Rudy G. Stone, D

Madisonville City Council, Ward 4

Uncontested: Hannah Miner Myers, D

Madisonville City Council, Ward 6

Uncontested: Billy H. Smith, D

Dawson Springs Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Ross Workman (I)

Jeremy Beshear Sewell

Dawson Springs City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Rick Hendrickson

Rhonda C. Mills

Ray Bochert

Cheryl K. Tosh

Kenny Ray Mitchell

Billy Austin West

Rick Bennett

Ronnie Hensley

Chasidy Chappell

Kenny “Bebop” Thomas

Earlington Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Mike Seiber (I)

Wayne “Roho” Mitchell

Steve Everly

Earlington City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Philip R. Hunt –

Ricky D. Hughes –

Jim Hicks –

Danny B. Knott –

Wanda Wilson –

Thomas “Dave” Jones, Jr. –


Hanson Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Paul M. Shaffer

Charles Young (I)

Hanson City Commissioners (Nonpartisan) – Four Elected

Jerome LeCornu

Jimmie G. Daniel

Harold Gregory

Joe Haywood


Mortons Gap Mayor

John Thorpe

Frank Stafford (I)

Mortons Gap City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Clarence Tudor –

Chris Phelps –

Peggy Harvey –

Linus N. Schwagel –

James Lee Sharber –

Frank Payton –

Betty Oglesby-Winfree

Nebo City Commissioners (Nonpartisan) – Four Elected

James Edward Kelley –

Paul Tapp –

Marty W. Lantrip –


Nebo Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Uncontested: Wayne Kelley

Nortonville Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Barry L. Merrill

James L. Noel (I)

Jimmy W. Moore

Nortonville City Council (Nonpartisan) – Six Elected

Carroll Doug Grace –

Marshall Lee –

Jim Walker –

Michael W. Jarvis –

Jesse J. McGary –


St. Charles Mayor (Nonpartisan)


St. Charles City Commissioners – Four Elected





White Plains Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Michael Williams

Ray Scott

Mike Martin (I)

White Plains City Commissioners (Nonpartisan) – Four Elected

Devon Dunlap

Lawrence Williams

Jeffry R. Crick

Janice Dunlap

Cindy Hughlett

David Dunlap

Susie Martin

J. T. Clark

Shirley Dunlap

Carl L. Lyell

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 1:00 pm

Calloway County

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Number of Precincts Reporting, 31 of 31

All results are unofficial. Some totals do not include absentee ballots. Results are subject to revision.


Property Valuation Administrator

Michael Conley, R – 1,219

Ronnie Jackson (I), D – 1,687 (W)


Ricky Stewart , R  – 1,271

Rick Harris, D (I) – 1,333 (W)

Janus Vilardo, I – 284

Magistrate, District 1

James Herndon, R – 203

Eddie Clyde Hale (I), D – 357 (W)

Magistrate, District 2

Don  Cherry, R – 338

Connie Morgan (I), D – 388 (W)

Magistrate, District 3

Vernon Anderson, R – 1220

Bobby Stubblefield (I), D – 1841

Sam White, I – 355


Murray Mayor (Nonpartisan)

F. T. “Butch” Seargent – 1992

Bill Wells – 2157 (Winner)

Murray City Council (Nonpartisan) Top 12 Elected

Amos McCarty, Jr. – 1,046 (W)

Sammy Jason Pittman – 1,456 (W)

Dan Miller – 1,365 (W)

Jane Shoemaker – 898

Brad Darnall – 867

Joseph “Jay” Morgan – 1,030 (W)

Linda Cherry – 1,237 (W)

Danny Hudspeth – 1,729 (W)

Jeremy Bell – 1,188 (W)

Robert Billington, Jr. – 1,321 (W)

Pat Scott – 1,137 (W)

Mark Randall – 580

Donald Elias – 1,073 (W)

Jeremy Boyd – 590

Pete Lancaster – 1,090 (W)

Charlie McKenney – 603

Jane Brandon – 918

Ron “R. G.” Gladden – 620

Greg Taylor – 1,080 (W)

Billy Gene Pritchard – 378

John Mark Roberts – 635

Martin Milkman – 846

Richard Reed – 804

Debbie Nance Griffin – 815

Hazel Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Kenny Vasseur (I) – 2

Richard Bennet – 0

Crystal Green – 0

Hazel City Council (Nonpartisan) Six Elected

Richard Richardson – 42

Megan Vaughn – 62 (W)

Lori Charlton – 72 (W)

Michelle Sharp – 76 (W)

Reginald Kendall – 34

Rodney F. Young – 37

Joe D. Thompson – 83

John “Scooter” Paschall – 82 (W)

JoyceLyn Hardin – 60 (W)

Sheila White – 42

Batyah Sandra Richardson – 17

Tonya Drennon – 21

Uncontested Races

County Judge Executive –

Uncontested: Larry Elkins, D –

County Attorney

Uncontested: David Harrington, D

County Clerk

Uncontested: Ray Coursey, D

Uncontested: Bill Marcum, D


Uncontested: Phil Hazle, D

County Surveyor


Magistrate, District 4

Uncontested: Johnny Gingles, D

Constable, District 1

Uncontested: Randy Lee, D

Constable, District 2


Constable, District 3

Uncontested: Tim Stone, D

Constable, District 4

Uncontested: Tim Manning, D

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 12:55 pm

morning cram [secret hurricane edition]

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Scientists aboard a NASA DC-8 hope to better predict the strength of hurricanes at landfall.

~NPR hears how scientists aboard a flying laboratory hope to figure out what makes the storms so sneaky.

KENTUCKY~ A Murray schizophrenic pleads guilty to murder. Paducah Power christens its gas plant. A Benton man is charged with a DUI murder. Officials ID the dead body found near Earlington.  A 200-mile yard sale begins this weekend. Flags are @ half-staff today in honor of another Fort Campbell casualty and one soldier at the base is awarded a bronze star. Nightly roadwork begins tomorrow on a couple of Paducah I-24 interchanges. An education report calls the Commonwealth’s schools too slow after poor test results. You have only 1 week left to register if you want to vote in November.

TENNESSEE~ A Clarksville shooting suspect turns himself in.

Professor Calls Fancy Farm “Old Time Politics at Its Best”

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Earlier this week we brought you news from the 130th annual Fancy Farm picnic. There, I interviewed Hanover College Professor of Communication Barbara Garvey, who was attending her first Fancy Farm picnic, about the event. Garvey told me she’s interested in following the evolution of political party “message.” Part of that interview made it into a feature WKMS ran on air. Curious to see what she thought now that the weekend has passed, I called her.

Our conversation ranged from Governor Steve Beshear’s “winner” speech, and how that positions him for next year’s re-election bid, to Rand Paul’s “missed opportunity” and his false post-Fancy Farm accusations.

She spoke to me from her home in Indiana:

Written by Angela Hatton

August 11, 2010 at 2:23 pm

8th District GOP Race Not Declared, Other Winners Announce

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In local elections, County Mayor Carolyn Bowers has won re-election, as has Sheriff Norman Lewis. With all precincts reporting, here are the results:

VOTES: 16,615
0.15%    WRITE-IN
VOTES= 16,422

The Associated Press is reporting State Senator Roy Herron the winner in the Democratic primary for the 8th District Congressional race. The results:

Roy Herron 6,621 71% .
Kimberlee E. Smith 2,680 29% .

With Stephen Fincher of Frog Jump with nearly half the votes, the GOP race has yet to be called. Results for the GOP Primary in the 8th District (so far):

Stephen Lee Fincher 22,569 48% .
Ron Kirkland 12,094 25% .
George Flinn 11,314 24% .
Randy Smith 1,071 2% .
Ben Watts 495 1% .

With fewer than half of precincts reporting, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam has been declared the Republican victor in the Governor’s primary race. He faces Democrat Mike McWherter in the November general.

The results:

Bill Haslam 116,326 52% .
Zach Wamp 60,443 27% .
Ron Ramsey 43,566 19% .
Joe Kirkpatrick 1,529 1% .
Basil Marceaux, Sr.
567 1%

Written by Angela Hatton

August 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm

morning cram (cinco de mayo edition)

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Check out that tune; it’s good.

KY~ High waters close LBL facilities, as the lake levels continue to climb.  Hopkinsville escapes flooding. Party foul – Mongiardo: Conway is unethical; Conway: Mongiardo is desperate. Mitch <3’s Trey. Voter turnout will be same ‘ole.

TN~ Clarksville flooding will last until (early) Saturday. Cumberland River barges are not shipping. Hope you have flood insurance. Henry County elects new local offices.


morning cram (elephonkey edition)

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Let the wild rumpus (debate) start!

KY~ GPEDC hires a 28-year-old for $160k. Trigg County’s alcohol sales top $73k in March. Oak Grove’s mayor is denied a pay raise. West Kentucky is under the economic development microscope. Trey & Jack will both oversee the Commonwealth’s fraud-ridden elections. Beshear warns of impending financial doom (if no budget passes).

TN~ The Tea Party will interrogate 8th District candidates tonight. 2 bills stall in the House: super-speeder / traffic camera. Republicans spare pre-kindergarten programs from the potential cutting block.

OVC SPORTS~ (baseball) APSU < Belmont.