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morning cram (some kinda edition)

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Make wonderful weekends.

KY~ Circle one: Jenna was aw(esome/ful). Fort Campbell soldiers are about to ship out. A Calloway Grand Jury will review child porn (case).  Dunlap’s lawyers ask to stall his trial. Carlisle County (alleged) arsonist writes a letter. KY’s jobless rate is a tenth of a point higher. Mongiardo’s senate bid is a GO! (officially).

TN~ Bredesen’s education plan plows through both houses. State’s unemployment jumps almost 1%.


morning cram (recuse me? edition)

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KY~ Will Judge Woodall step down from the triple-murder case? Paducah will use grant$ to continue its trail and buy a new robot. MSU adds five hall of famers. Calloway County is under the school-oscope. Some of us are out of propane. That tracking bill clears the House, and the Senate will vote on education bill today.  State unveils transparent URL.

TN~ Henry County plans to buy an inflatable tower. Bredesen pushes harder for education plan, while the Senate stalls a paper ballot law.

IL~ Officials grace an earthquake summit.

morning cram (frozen edition)

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It’s cold.

KY~ Notable donor-lady dies in Paducah.  Frozen pipe-burst flooding evacuates a Paducah apartment building. Tear down the Big-E for +$1m. Icy conditions close river ferry to Missouri. Princeton may lock up their kids at night. Reps vote on tracking bill tomorrow. Jury selection today in ex-soldier’s re-trial. Accused triple-murder rapist’s attorneys want to exclude horrible photo evidence.

TN~ Tomorrow’s special education session better be quick.

IL~ Start voting now!

SPORTS (scores)Women’s = UTM < TSU, APSU > MSU. Men’s = MSU > APSU, UTM < TSU.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 11, 2010 at 9:47 am