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Morning Cram [GOOOOOOAAAAAAAL edition]

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Wasn’t the United States supposed to be bad at “football?”
Apparently not . . .

KY: Rep. Henley gives back his pay to the state, only one of two.  Alliance Coal gets ticketed at Hopkins County mine. Crittenden County search and rescue use sonar to find missing swimmer. Homeless man charged with stealing a car, dumping another one in the Ohio. Sex-offender arrested in police sting, faces new charges. Officials want to make our eight-year-olds great. FEMA announces deadline for applications, get on it!

TN: Workplaces can now set up “no se puede hablar español” policies. Bredesen supports McWherter for next governor. Fort Campbell soldier gets blasted by jury for trying to sell bombs.

Morning Cram [GONE TO SEATTLE] Edition

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Our regular cram wizard is off for the week, but we’re still here to give you your morning news briefs.

KY: Episcopalians go to the polls, come back with new bishop. Expect some construction traffic jams in Livingston Co. later this month. McCracken County police hit the streets to crack down on crack and streetwalkers.  Prison guards hoarding drugs. Conference prepares for mother’s nature’s worst.

TN: Boy drowns with no supervision. Law allows alcohol to flow at local marina. The state Senate gives Arizona’s new immigration law a thumbs up.