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the morning cram [I’m kind of a big deal edition]

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The Super-committee’s lack of movement has everyone scrambling to keep  their funding.

NPR reports the pentagon may have the purse straps tightened more than expected. So now officials are puffing out their chests and strutting in order to prove their worth.

Kentucky~ A trial date has been set in the Jerry Wayne Walker case. There’s a lot of good looking burley this year.  The lead lawyer in the fen-phen trials is fired from the Kentucky Bar Association.

Illinois~ Quinn says there’s not that much cash in gambling expansion.

Tennessee~ State budget talks continue. The Feds are sending more money to clean up meth labs.

morning cram [clunkin’ edition]

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A study finds the government’s ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program boosted auto sales by 360,000 during its two month run, but in the following seven months sales were down that same number.

~NPR breaks down what that implies.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken’s planned consolidated high school may already be too small. Two (alleged) thieves admit they used a doggy door to break into a home. The state plans to email overseas absentee ballots. Many counties are (officially) in a drought. The lawsuit seeking an injunction on state worker furloughs is DENIED.

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County’s Sheriff implements a massive personnel overhaul. Blue Cross / Blue Shield may cut 100 jobs. TVA gets a pat on the back for its economic development efforts.

SPORTS~ The football season begins! MSU < KSU; APSU > CU.