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the morning cram [Who’s in first? edition]

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A recount shows that Santorum won the Iowa Republican caucus by 34 votes. Somewhere off in the distance Al Gore sheds an empathetic tear.

NPR reports Iowa voters preferred Santorum to Romney. Romney calls the new tally a “virtual tie.” 

Kentucky~ Murray State keeps the winning streak alive.  KY house says they are fine with school bus ads.  Weight enforcement stepped up on western Kentucky bridge.  KY Senate debates redistricting. KY gets new partner in war against prescription drug abusers.

Tennessee~ West Tennessee Port gains international interest.  Three Union City police officers to be fired.


morning cram [money’s real? edition]

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Why going back to the gold standard (when every dollar was backed by a vault full of gold) is a ‘wingnut’ argument.

NPR‘s Planet Money embarks on a journalistic quest by purchasing a gold coin to better understand the nature of money.

KENTUCKY~ A man remains missing after yesterday’s I-24 wreck. Governor Beshear handed out public safety grant$ in Paducah yesterday. How can university research programs boost college enrollment and grad rates? Legislation that would open up primary elections to independent voters makes headway and so does the Medicaid budget balancing bill.

TENNESSEE~ Closing Union City’s Goodyear Tire plant will put almost 2k out of work. Clarksville’s marina developer is having financing issues and a hotel there burned down (probably because of a methlab).

ILLINOIS~ After three days of talks, USW & Metropolis Honeywell officials still haven’t worked it out.


morning cram (drug war edition)

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Not surprising.

KY~ If you’re a registered party (animal), GO VOTE! There’s a contentious race to be the next Hopkinsville mayor. 2 men have a September trial date for robbing a US Bank in Paducah. A creepy Benton man gets the max sentence for downloading tons of child porn. Primary battles today: 9 Senate and 25 house districts. Whitfield’s kicking back for today’s primary, but has a challenger in November.

TN~ Clarksville businesses can get $2mil low-interest loans to recover from flood damage. No new Montgomery County property taxes leave the school system strapped.

morning cram (fundraising edition)

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We ❤ you and need your money. =) Call in 800-599-4737 or pledge here.

KY~ Paducah Commissioners offend downtown boards. 3 area cities will split $150k in federal tree money. Newest senate polls: Rand > Trey, Dan > Jack. The General Assembly has 3 weeks left and Education Commissioner Holliday pushes for bills to pass.

IL~ Massac County Democrats get new Chair.

SPORTS~ Women’s Basketball = APSU > EIU; Men’s Basketball = MSU > Morehead (14th OVC Championship win).

morning cram (don’t get stucKY edition)

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Kentucky’s hogging all your area headlines today.

KY~ Snow tomorrow, road treatments may be ineffective. Say NO to freezing pipes. We’re airing the  State of the Commonwealth tonight @ 7:00pm. The Commonwealth’s Democratic leader steps down after just months @ the post. Beshear’s already got a million down on his bid to stay in the mansion next year. A man’s body was found below KY Dam. McCracken County could buy that darn boat. Paducah Commissioners may create an oversight panel for its to-be-developed sports park.

SPORTS~ MSU @ TSU tomorrow night starts early.

Written by Chris Taylor

January 6, 2010 at 9:44 am