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morning cram [cash for jobs] edition

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“Hiring managers say when they extend an offer to someone who’s been referred, they often feel more confident that they know what they are getting.”

NPR reports some businesses are paying for good referrals.

KENTUCKY ~ The CEO of Big Rivers Electric tells Congress why proposed EPA regulations would be bad for business, and Ed Whitfield says greenhouse gas regulation would hurt coal. LBL and farm services among the list of government agencies that would shut down. Farmers are planting less tobacco. Madisonville city council members consider Sunday alcohol sales, while Marshall County enacts a burn ban.  Teach for America comes to Kentucky (eastern) for the first time.  Prosecutors won’t seek the death penalty in Evrard kidnapping/murder case.  FLW College Fishing Tourney holds first weigh-in.

TENNESSEE ~ Proposal in the House would make insurance companies pay for hearing aids for kids.

ILLINOIS ~ Supreme Court rules people with gun permits in other states don’t have to get a new permit in Illinois.

morning cram [countdown to shutdown] edition

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“A partial shutdown of the U.S. government appeared increasingly imminent Tuesday as White House talks between President Obama and congressional leaders ended — publicly, at least — in stalemate.”

NPR reports Congress, the Senate, and President Obama remain in talks ahead of a possible shutdown Friday.

KENTUCKY ~ Kentucky’s auditor says nonprofit half-way house organization isn’t transparent. The Senate caucuses in Frankfort today to continue Medicaid talks; House won’t participate.  Death penalty still legal, but the state faces major obstacles to carrying out a sentence.  A Lexington judge refuses to dismiss the trial of a Rand Paul volunteer accused of stomping on a liberal activist. Former WKU president Downing dies at 89. AT&T announces 3G (finally) in Calloway County.

TENNESSEE ~ House approves photo ID at polls bill; Senate approved it in February. Clarksville City Council overhauls local election procedures. Ned McWherter will have funeral services in Nashville and Dresden.

morning cram [ike’s warning edition]

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50 years ago today, President Dwight Eisenhower warned the nation about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it the military-industrial complex, a formidable union of defense contractors and the armed forces.

NPR looks at what’s changed since.

KENTUCKY~ 2 property owner holdouts will go to court in the battle to build a new Paducah Middle School. McCracken County officials are investigating a non-suspicious teen death. Police arrest a Graves County high schooler over a gun threat. You can buy your very own LBL bison. A bill before legislators this session would drug-test food stamp and Medicaid recipients.

TENNESSEE~ A lucky pilot receives only a scratch after crash-landing a single-engine craft near Sango. Clarksville Police seize a record 250lbs of pot, an (alleged) drug dealer is murdered, and they also allege a guy lied about getting his wallet stolen (he lost it). Governor Haslam doesn’t want the public to know his income.

ILLINOIS~ SIU@Carbondale: enrollment keeps falling. Everyone’s waiting around to see what Governor Pat Quinn will decide to do about the state’s death penalty.


morning cram [big difficult edition]

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“The New Orleans Police Department has long battled a bad reputation. But after Hurricane Katrina, the dept’s flaws unraveled.”

~NPR hears how it’s not so easy to be the NOPD.

KENTUCKY~ A state audit criticizes McCracken’s Clerk policies. McCracken County and Paducah agree on paying for ‘pauper burials’. Paducah School students are eating more cafeteria food this year. MSU beats out most state schools on Forbes’ Top 500 list. Fort Campbell’s hospital is expanding in Clarksville’s. A 10-year-old Oak Grove child gets a felony for arson. UK may be forced to turn over participant’s names of a study on the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (due out this fall). A bill that would stop executing the mentally ill faces many challenges. A newly signed federal act may impact (but remains totally unclear) food stamp programs. Beshear’s top aide resigns.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville’s Mayor asks his Chief of Staff to resign (then fires him.)

ILLINOIS~ The next (epic) Honeywell and USW sitdown remains unscheduled.

morning cram (not-so-neutral edition)

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a series of tubes

KY~ MSU benefits could soon be fair (to homosexuals). While Gun-wielding robbers roam the streets of Paducah, non-profits beg for money and Zumwalt makes off like a bandit. Hopkinsville plans to improve its parks system. A Veteran’s Center is renamed for Madisonville Rep. Eddie Ballard. Prosecutors are going for the death penalty in the case against former lawmaker Steve Nunn. Miner’s union backs Galbraith for Governor. House Majority Whip Stacy hopes the general assembly will pass a budget.

TN~ Clarksville’s Trane plant rehires 92 workers. Police: 17-year-old started the Kmart fire (and the store has re-opened).

SPORTS~ Baseball: MSU < WKU, UTM > ASU, APSU > UM. MSU Men’s golf team wins the Big Blue Invitational.

morning cram (basketball, really? edition)

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Obama picks MSU to beat Vandy in California today.. watch @ 1:30pm (central).

KY~ Paducah man (allegedly) broke into 8 area homes. No death penalty for (alleged) Fort Campbell arson mom. UK Basketball offers new fodder for US Senate campaign attack ads. Judges can now order domestic violence offenders wear GPS tracking devices. Senators will vote on contract transparency bill.

TN~ Paris Schools have a new snow day plan.