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morning cram [mined edition]

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The men began emerging like clockwork from the depths of a mine that could easily have been their tomb. They jubilantly embraced their wives, children and rescue workers, looking remarkably composed after languishing underground for 69 days.

~NPR covers the successful rescue effort at Chile’s San Jose Mine amid a torrent of press.

KENTUCKY~ Grand Rivers’ Vulcan Materials workers could unionize. Mayfield’s Zoning Board will take (yet another) look at a permit request for a downtown mosque. A Mayfield man is arrested in McCracken County for a DUI hit and run. The Paducah Sun has it that an Oklahoma city administrator will likely be Paducah’s new city manager. Paducah city commissioners will vote next week to keep property taxes the same. If given the shot, Rand Paul would kill the IRS and the federal income tax.

TENNESSEE~ Murder, kidnapping & suicide in Clarksville (Oh my!). State sales tax revenue grew again last month. Early voting begins.


morning cram [middle woes edition]

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Being middle class in America once meant feeling secure. You could count on having a decent home, a regular paycheck and food in the fridge.

~NPR reports government statistics confirm just how dramatically life has changed for the middle class.

KENTUCKY~ Mayfield law enforcement denies Florida pastor Terry Jones’ allegations the city’s Muslim community is violent. Police in McCracken County are searching for a missing and possibly depressed homeless man. A Murray construction firm wins a bid to build Marshall County’s new Health Department.  An Owensboro chemical plant may relocate to Dawson Springs. Trigg County’s Ham Fest begins this weekend!!! The Beshear camp banks +$3mil.

TENNESSEE~ South Fulton officials stand by a decision to let a house burn because the residents didn’t pay their annual protection fee. Clarksville mayoral candidates differ on how to prepare for the city’s predicted population explosion. The state’s Employees Association head plans to petition election candidates for pay raises.

morning cram [naacp vs tea edition]

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The NAACP condemns what it calls ‘racist elements’ within the Tea Party.

“The vote has sparked a war of words between the two groups.”

~ NPR gets both sides.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah hopes to save a half-mil by refinancing a bond and will apply for grant$ to restore an old train. Reidland-Farley Fire barters it’s boat for 2 (used) firetrucks. Police arrest 2 men after a Murray home invasion (homeowner wins gunfight). Repairs begin next week on the US-60/80 bridge to LBL. 2 more Fort Campbell soldiers die in Afghanistan. Judges can now campaign with party affiliations. State lawmakers carefully eye outside consultant contracts. The senate campaign fundage race (this quarter): Conway < $1.5 mil; Paul +$1 mil.

TENNESEE~ An Arkansas man pleads guilty to a Henry County murder. Sales tax revenue is up for a 3rd straight month.

morning cram (beach bum edition)

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A new plan B

KY~ Graves County is gonna be making a heck of a lot more guns. A Calloway jury recommends life sentence for Almo murder. Paducah Fire Department proposes a novel way to reclaim some costs. Afghani President Karzai will visit Fort Campbell Friday. Lyon County will close it’s middle school to confront concrete-rot. A state education task force is aggregating recommendations. Trey is on a bus.

TN~ Bredesen will pilfer the  state mattress to help flood victims. US Senators are going to grill the US Army Corps of Engineers on their Nashville response. TVA is looking a little greener after turning on the fans.

morning cram (denial edition)

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KY~ MSU’s Billy Kennedy is expected to sign a contract extension today. Paducah officials deny being confused. Fort Campbell will tighten its (financial) belt while soldiers are away. A US-62 bridge near Lake City is down to one lane till noon. Murray’s Chamber of Commerce will release how its members feel about a payroll tax later this week. Two bills now sit on Beshear’s desk: one forces 2 organizations out into the public eye and another wants to reduce teen suicide. Most lawmakers get a day off as budget talks resume. No ‘Race to the Top’ $$$. More universities may establish nursing doctoral degree programs.

TN~ The state expects a $75m revenue shortfall. The Senate has passed a constitutional ban on an income tax.