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the morning cram [just give me two good burgers edition]

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If all else fails, act as if you belong…

NPR reports a Wisconsin man is in jail for walking into a Denny’s, announcing he is the new manager and cooking himself a burger. How long is the jail term for Awesome in the second degree?

Kentucky~ The Murray City Council discusses whether or not to make students buy a city sticker. MSU gets some B-Ball payback! The gambling amendment is DOA in the senate. A pseudoephedrine bill is withdrawn.  The state Supreme Court will hear redistricting arguments today.  A group challenges Beshear’s prayer breakfast.

morning cram [kandahar edition]

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“The battle for Kandahar may not have officially begun, but it is quietly under way”… NPR has an in-depth look into the Afghanistan operation.

KENTUCKY~ Beshear’s in Murray this morning to tout a multi-million dollar deal. Paducah Police bust a 70-year-old social worker for promoting prostitution as a secret sex therapy program. Despite rumors, the Julian Carroll Convention and Paducah Expo Centers will not be razed. Police ID the victims of Tuesday’s fatal crash in Reidland. A crop-duster plane crash yesterday closed the Mayfield-Graves County Airport for 7 hours. Calloway County budgets employee raises. The state’s next chief appellate judge will be a judge from Owensboro. A policy analyst calls Rand Paul’s defense against Medicare criticism a no-win argument. A Louisville state senator wants to supplant Senate Prez Williams.

TENNESSEE~ Paris claims $30k in federal grant$ for parks.