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Datebook: June 22 – George V crowned 100 years ago

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George V was crowned on June 22, 1911. He was the King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from May 6, 1910 through WWI and until his death in 1936. George was a grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the first cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. From 1877 until 1891 he served in the Royal Navy. On the death of Victoria in 1901, George’s father became King Edward VII, and George was made Prince of Wales. On his father’s death in 1910, he succeeded as King-Emperor of the British Empire. He was plagued by illness throughout much of his later reign and at his death was succeeded by his eldest son, Edward VIII.

It’s Wednesday, June 22

Today is the last day to reserve a spot at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art’s children’s picnic.  The picnic is this Friday from 11 to 1.  Highlights include a hot dog and marshmallow roast, folk dancing, and a performance by the bluegrass band Heaven’s Path.  Call the museum at (270) 685-3181 to sign up.

There’s an opportunity to double your donation to Paducah charities thanks to the Community Foundation of West Kentucky.  Donations will be matched by the foundation as part of the Fred Paxton Fund Run for Charities, which takes place on July 16th.  Find a list of participating charities and a donor form at

Market House Theatre partners with Project Hope No-Kill Animal Shelter during this weekend’s performance of “Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Kids.”  Following Saturday’s 2:30 performance, cast members will collect donations of dry dog and cat food, kitty litter, litter box deodorizer, bleach, and laundry detergent.  To reserve tickets, call 270-444-6828.

Find more news and regional events at

morning cram [oscar edition]

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Last night’s Academy Awards may be remembered by Best Supporting Actress winner Melissa Leo’s blurted-out, excited profanity.

But as NPR reports, except maybe the people who made Best Picture winner The King’s Speech, almost nobody had a very good time at this year’s Oscars.

A local meteorologist says the area “dodged a bullet.”

KENTUCKY~ Regions Bank sues Paducah-based Dippin’ Dots for $11mil. Community Foundation will dole out nearly $400k to local non-profits tomorrow.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville may make the guy who accidentally damaged a WWI statue pay up.

ILLINOIS~ High winds blew off a trailer’s roof and downed some trees over roadways north of Metropolis. The Ohio/Mississippi Rivers are on the rise. A Carbondale drug rehab program will cut it’s multi-month-long programs.