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the morning cram [just give me two good burgers edition]

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If all else fails, act as if you belong…

NPR reports a Wisconsin man is in jail for walking into a Denny’s, announcing he is the new manager and cooking himself a burger. How long is the jail term for Awesome in the second degree?

Kentucky~ The Murray City Council discusses whether or not to make students buy a city sticker. MSU gets some B-Ball payback! The gambling amendment is DOA in the senate. A pseudoephedrine bill is withdrawn.  The state Supreme Court will hear redistricting arguments today.  A group challenges Beshear’s prayer breakfast.

the morning cram [recovery edition]

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Job growth has come to a halt, and unemployment remains high.

NPR reports there was no job growth during the month of August, and President Obama is slated to present a new jobs plan amid a divided government.

Kentucky~ Murray State lost to Louisville (but maybe they beat the spread). A man is missing in the Tennessee River. School power bills are high. Sandhill Crane hunting passes the fed. A soldier is honored for catching bandit.

Illinois~ Brookport has a Chief in training.

the morning cram [back again for the first time edition]

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Restaurants across the country are finding new inspiration from an old source.

NPR reports soda fountain recipes are popping up in restaurants across the land as consumers shy away from industrial soft-drinks.

Kentucky~ 8,000 people and 1 radio station transmitter went without power this morning.There’s funny money in Paducah. A Deputy Jailer tries to bring in some contraband, ends up with some new digs.  Two Mayfield police officers are in trouble with the city.  An attorney for the truck driver in the Amish buggy crash says his client was sober.


the morning cram [the aftermath edition]

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In the wake of Hurricane Irene, the costly cleanup begins.

NPR reports that while Irene may not have had the extreme wind speeds that some other devastating storms have had, her reach was tremendous.

Kentucky~ Water could cost more in Henderson. Some state employees get paid to work out (sign me up!). Save the bats! Murray State and Mid-Continent are great places to work. Hubbard is going for the Senate. Saturday marked the 5th anniversary of the Flight 5191 crash. The state is giving unclaimed money back.

Illinois~ Metropolis police are vexed by vandals.

Tennessee~ More Tennesseans are turning to heroin. Fewer kids live with married parents.


Calloway County

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Number of Precincts Reporting, 31 of 31

All results are unofficial. Some totals do not include absentee ballots. Results are subject to revision.


Property Valuation Administrator

Michael Conley, R – 1,219

Ronnie Jackson (I), D – 1,687 (W)


Ricky Stewart , R  – 1,271

Rick Harris, D (I) – 1,333 (W)

Janus Vilardo, I – 284

Magistrate, District 1

James Herndon, R – 203

Eddie Clyde Hale (I), D – 357 (W)

Magistrate, District 2

Don  Cherry, R – 338

Connie Morgan (I), D – 388 (W)

Magistrate, District 3

Vernon Anderson, R – 1220

Bobby Stubblefield (I), D – 1841

Sam White, I – 355


Murray Mayor (Nonpartisan)

F. T. “Butch” Seargent – 1992

Bill Wells – 2157 (Winner)

Murray City Council (Nonpartisan) Top 12 Elected

Amos McCarty, Jr. – 1,046 (W)

Sammy Jason Pittman – 1,456 (W)

Dan Miller – 1,365 (W)

Jane Shoemaker – 898

Brad Darnall – 867

Joseph “Jay” Morgan – 1,030 (W)

Linda Cherry – 1,237 (W)

Danny Hudspeth – 1,729 (W)

Jeremy Bell – 1,188 (W)

Robert Billington, Jr. – 1,321 (W)

Pat Scott – 1,137 (W)

Mark Randall – 580

Donald Elias – 1,073 (W)

Jeremy Boyd – 590

Pete Lancaster – 1,090 (W)

Charlie McKenney – 603

Jane Brandon – 918

Ron “R. G.” Gladden – 620

Greg Taylor – 1,080 (W)

Billy Gene Pritchard – 378

John Mark Roberts – 635

Martin Milkman – 846

Richard Reed – 804

Debbie Nance Griffin – 815

Hazel Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Kenny Vasseur (I) – 2

Richard Bennet – 0

Crystal Green – 0

Hazel City Council (Nonpartisan) Six Elected

Richard Richardson – 42

Megan Vaughn – 62 (W)

Lori Charlton – 72 (W)

Michelle Sharp – 76 (W)

Reginald Kendall – 34

Rodney F. Young – 37

Joe D. Thompson – 83

John “Scooter” Paschall – 82 (W)

JoyceLyn Hardin – 60 (W)

Sheila White – 42

Batyah Sandra Richardson – 17

Tonya Drennon – 21

Uncontested Races

County Judge Executive –

Uncontested: Larry Elkins, D –

County Attorney

Uncontested: David Harrington, D

County Clerk

Uncontested: Ray Coursey, D

Uncontested: Bill Marcum, D


Uncontested: Phil Hazle, D

County Surveyor


Magistrate, District 4

Uncontested: Johnny Gingles, D

Constable, District 1

Uncontested: Randy Lee, D

Constable, District 2


Constable, District 3

Uncontested: Tim Stone, D

Constable, District 4

Uncontested: Tim Manning, D

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 12:55 pm

morning cram [greasy estimates edition]

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A federal commission’s BP oil spill investigation report blames the Obama administration for misrepresenting “the amount and fate of the oil” in the Gulf of Mexico.

~NPR reports the White House ignored or obscured scientific evidence, giving the public inaccurate information and damaging the government’s credibility.

KENTUCKY~ A Cadiz man who won the democratic primary for County Attorney will again face off with the incumbent he beat (who’s now running as a write-in candidate). Benton DUI murder case heads to a grand jury. Police arrest a New Concord woman after finding a methlab.  MSU President Randy Dunn applies to be the next president of the University of Tennessee. Quran-burning advocate Pastor Terry Jones says he’s not coming to Mayfield. The state lands $1 million for health department improvements. Former President Bill Clinton may stop by the state to campaign for Jack Conway. (Another) Fort Campbell soldier dies in Afghanistan.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville City Council members will vote today on iPad policies. Attorneys who find evidence someone may have been wrongly convicted are now ethically required by the state’s Supreme Court to investigate.

morning cram (unearthing edition)

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“The mystery ship: a wooden vessel found last month under the ruins of New York City’s World Trade Center has since been moved to a science lab in Maryland, where each day brings new discoveries.”

~NPR hears how the thrill of discovery doesn’t stop with the digging.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah dumps its top pick for city manager citing sensitive information and will fund indigent burials. Murray Parks may soon have a trespassing fine in place. A Cadiz man is in police custody for (allegedly) sexting with a minor. A Mayfield wife-killer gets 20 years. House Speaker Stumbo: Rand Paul will lose and Paul calls for more online donation$ (so is WKMS).

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville is building a new electricity substation in anticipation of the Hemlock Semiconductor. Storing gas underground? The state will help.

ILLINOIS~ Quinn applies for federal grants to fund teaching jobs.

morning cram (centrist edition)

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Is this the line for the party?

KY~ An attempted murder victim claims he doesn’t remember being hit by a car. Don’t fall for shady texts from fake financial institutions. Multiple escapes prompt police to investigate Paducah’s halfway house. What should Mayfield do with all its piles of extra cash? Murray officials keep mum about their meeting with city firefighters’ lawyer. Fort Campbell’s 101st Airborne cases its colors ahead of its stint in Afghanistan. LBL may change its trees. The state’s election fraud hotline captured 116 complaints. Beshear will set the special session agenda this week.

TN~ The federal government denies funding a new Clarksville Airport terminal.