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the morning cram [women…can’t live without ’em edition]

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As Rick Santorum climbs in the polls, can he attract the vote of one of the largest voting groups in the nation (women)?

NPR reports even if Santorum can win the nomination, one of the greatest obtacles in his path to the White House is a struggle shared by many GOP candidates, appealing to women.

Some awoke to the rumble of an earthquake this morning.

Kentucky~ United Way made its goal. The Amish buggy standoff could soon end. Stumbo is pushing his UPIKE bill among much distraction. A woman pleads guilty to charges after hitting her toddler over the head and leaving him on an interstate.

morning cram [unconstitutional edition]

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A federal judge in Florida rules the federal health overhaul violates the Constitution.

NPR reports Judge Roger Vinson didn’t need a trial to come to the decision.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s future middle school now has a floor plan. Murray/Calloway County leaders are updating the public this morning on the state of the community. A Murray businessman buys the city a new drug dog. Barlow’s alleged bath salt dealer pleads not guilty. Why did Carlisle County’s new Health Department have no power over the weekend? Fort Campbell’s bomb squad comes home from Afghanistan with no casualties and the base gets a new deputy commanding general. The General Assembly is back in full-swing; see what’s ahead and what Governor Beshear is expected to say at his Commonwealth Address tonight. An economist warns the Republican-led state tax reforms could be regressive.

TENNESSEE~ Clarksville and Montgomery County industrial recruiters want to be able to sweeten deals with free land. Governor Haslam says the state can’t afford everything because it’s out of $timulus funds.

morning cram [rethink edition]

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“I may divide the old conservative coalition, but I’m not going to divide the new one.”

~ NPR talks to a prominent Southern Baptist leader about his stance on immigration.

KENTUCKY~ Murray book company drops $10mil into a prominent textbook rental website. Dry weather = poor pollination. Officials intensify focus on mine safety. Rand and Jack plan to picnic @ Fancy FarmKSP Checkpoint Stats: 176 DUIs, 715 seatbelt tickets, 68 drug arrests & 1 stolen vehicle. A Fort Campbell medic dies in an Afghanistan IED blast.

TENNESSEE~ Police investigate a string of thefts near Kentucky Lake in the Buchanan area. 9 people died in roadway accidents during the July 4th holiday weekend. Roy Herron has a nice (+$1.5mil) campaign bankroll.

ILLINOIS~ A Metropolis man regrets jumping 90 feet from the Brookport Bridge. Massac Sheriff’s deputies find 2 lost hikers in Shawnee National Forest. Governor Quinn defends raises he gave his staff. Federal stimulus money weatherized 17k homes and created 500 jobs.