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the morning cram [you take the blue pill edition]

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Controversial contraceptive coverage continues to cause commotion, but…

NPR reports contraception coverage laws have been in place for years.

Kentucky~ The Racers’ perfect record is tarnished. Schools will hold BMI screenings to combat growing childhood obesity rates. Pressure builds on lawmakers to pass a gambling amendment. Beshear appoints a commission to study the state’s tax system.  An early look at traffic fatalities show an increase over 2012.

Tennessee ~ Union City loses another major employer.



morning cram [viva vacation?] edition

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“Tourism is traditionally Mexico’s third largest source of revenue. But drug-related violence in the past 3 1/2 years has claimed some 28,000 lives.”

~ NPR visits the hot spots.

KENTUCKY ~ A guy on the lam from Calloway County gets arrested in Arkansas. Paducah Schools feed nearly 3,000 students. Authorities say it was the wreck that killed him, not the fall. Prosecution calls for second mental evaluation of the ’97 Heath High School shooter. Hopkinsville Rep. thinks about going for the Attorney General’s seat. West Kentucky gets wired with broadband grant. The National Symphony Orchestra makes tour stops in the state next year.

TENNESSEE ~ Time to vote: the primary is today. Seventh graders in Henry County get shot up, in accordance with state requirements.

morning cram (in gov we distrust edition)

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govment luvin

Who do you trust in?

KY~ The weekend storm downed some area trees and flooded several Hopkinsville streets. Paducah’s Quilt Show is deemed a success. The Reidland-Farley Fire board is patient. There will be some traffic congestion in Lone Oak over the next few days. MSU cops plan roadblocks over the next 10 days. Hopkins County Schools axes 23 jobs. The state begins to canvas the Commonwealth’s internet connections.

TN~ An (alleged) hammer-wielding Clarksville murderer is captured in a barn.

IL~ Metropolis votes tonight on helping fund upcoming Harrah’s concerts.

OVC SPORTS~ (Baseball) MSU < EIU, UTM < EKU, APSU > SIUe; (Softball) MSU > EKU, UTM > TSU, APSU = EIU; (Golf) MSU Women’s team wins its 8th Championship.