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the morning cram [the could have had it all edition…]

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…and she has it all. Adele sweeps the Grammys, winning all six categories she was nominated for.

NPR reports the singer dominated the awards show, performing for the first time following throat surgery last year.

Kentucky~ Say good-bye to warm weather: winter storms are coming this way.  An Amish man’s heartfelt letters sway state lawmakers (when not busy challenging health reform). Managed care operators fumble early on after taking over Mediciad. The Murray State Racers bounce back. A series of pharmacy thefts worry business owners. The Delta-Mariner is due for repairs in Paducah.


morning cram [judicial edition]

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U.S. Supreme Court justices have left “literally hundreds of pages of new law issued in the last week of the term alone.”

~ NPR showcases the latest struggles between the executive and judicial branches.

KENTUCKY~ Police shut down the East I-24 Ohio River Bridge to reconstruct a fatal accident. A man pleads (almost guilty) to dog fighting charges. The US 68/80 path through LBL shifts to newly constructed lanes.  Study: the Ohio River is filled with trace amounts of cocaine and antidepressantsAnother Fort Campbell hero killed. Edu guru Terry Holliday wants to avoid disaster days using the interweb. Chamber of Commerce: strategy working! Tax collection is down (two years in a row). Senate Prez David Williams (could be) mulling a run for governor. Rand’s recent comments anger some poor areas of the Commonwealth.

TENNESSEE~ A Henry County jury indicts (alleged) murderer. 1-year-old texting ban yields (only) 88 tickets.

morning cram [</3’r lebron edition]

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“In the end, it took all of 11 seconds, but the fallout in two American cities may last for years.”

~NPR has more on heartbroken Ohio.

KENTUCKY~ McCracken County rescue workers search for missing man and the County Clerk there has changed some (questionable) policies but retains his department’s financial independence. Western Kentucky has plenty of (electric) power. Trigg County bans smoking on school grounds. The Todd County Funeral Home burned down. Jack & Rand squared off in Louisville yesterday and US Senator McConnell defends his filibuster blocking an extension on jobless benefits.

TENNESSEE~ The 101st Airborne’s Major General John Campbell assures Fort Campbell families from Afghanistan. Police nab a Fort Campbell soldier after (alleged) hit-and-run. Blue dogs back Herron for US Rep.

morning cram (super intentions edition)

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KY~ A barge hits a Kentucky Lake bridge and sinks. Trigg County Schools begin interviewing superintendent candidates and McCracken County plans to do the same in mid-April. Where McCracken builds its upcoming Emergency Center could be decided by a grant. 130 Fort Campbell soldiers expected home Friday. The new manager of Hopkins County’s Animal Shelter didn’t pan out. KY Utilities now offers an online map of power outages. Jobless rates were higher in every county last year. The Commonwealth declines to join other states challenging healthcare reform. Beshear urges no education budget cuts, as legislative leaders continue to make us wait.

TN~ Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper will not run for re-election. No hablan Inglés? A bill says no driver’s license for you!