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the morning cram [he’s doing his Walter Huston dance edition]

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Apparently, the fortune I left in Vegas last year isn’t paying the bills anymore, so they’re looking to gold.

NPR reports as the struggling economy has hurt the gambling industry in Nevada, state officials are looking to increase taxes on the state’s prospering gold mining industry.

OVC Scores…

Kentucky~ We can go see the bridge this weekend (photo op; place head here). There was a bomb threat at Calloway Middle. Big trucks and small bridges don’t mix. We have the interwebs back. Former Ag Commish Farmer applied for unemployment. A soldier uses HIV to avoid discharge. There are more jobs at an Owensboro pipeline.

the morning cram [what do you want to do…I don’t know, what do you want to do edition]

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It seems the Supercommittee  is having trouble figuring it all out as well.

NPR reports as the Wednesday deadline approaches, the congressional Supercommittee is still a long way from coming to an agreement. How will Wallstreet react?

Kentucky~ No more fake weed in Paducah. A humane society  guy is charged with allegedly torturing animals in Paducah. Lexington is rollin’ in it after the equestrian games.

Illinois~ Man pleads guilty to SIU bomb threat. Pensions are in trouble.

the morning cram [things fall apart edition]

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FEMA runs out of cash as Americans clean up after Irene.

NPR reports that funds are needed from North Carolina to Vermont and FEMA is stretched almost to its limits.

Kentucky~ The new road through LBL gets an award. Think twice before going for a dip in the Clarks River. Governor  High School kids may need more than a good ACT score to qualify for a scholarship. Beshear is  about to let us all know how we’re going to pay our debts .

Illinois~ It’s getting real in the Brookport City Hall parking lot.

Tennessee~ A soldier’s conviction is overturned and he’s headed back to the army.

morning cram [schiller’ed edition]

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“NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned.”

NPR blogs about Schiller at the Two-Way.

KENTUCKY ~ McCracken County School officials respond to empty bomb threats at Reidland Middle. Paducah renews contract with police union, and gives them raises. The 2011 LowerTown Arts and Music Festival: more music, more food. Christian County gets new tornado sirens. The General Assembly agrees government transparency not just a good idea, it should be law. Compromise on state medicaid budget seems impossible; lawmakers angry about possibility of special session. State tax revenue looks good in the eighth month of FY 2011.

TENNESSEE ~ City council committee takes the city charter through a slash and burn revision. UT-Martin Faculty Senate says no to extra guns on campus, and Union City is getting a park. Business leaders support governor’s teacher tenure revisions.