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morning cram [floozy edition]

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Nashville, TN’s Magdalene program offers prostitutes an opportunity to get drug-free and off the streets.

NPR reports the program’s housing, therapy and a self-sustaining small business allow the women it serves to heal, make money and gain respect.

KENTUCKY~ Torrential overnight rain adds to flood worries (no additional damage reports). Gov Beshear sends in some sandbagging troops after warning about price gougers. WKMS surveys Calloway County storm damage from the air. A landslide in Lyon County has been partially cleared from KY-93.  Madisonville OKs Sunday alcohol sales (+tax). Richie Farmer ponies up his furlough money to charity. US Rep Whitfield tours the region today.

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County schools are off to a late start. Jostens Publishing in Clarksville expects to add +200? jobs.

morning cram [armed coeds edition]

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Is the answer to mass shootings on college campuses to arm students and staff?

NPR reports eight states have proposed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on campus.

KENTUCKY~ It’s Tim Masthay Day in Murray. A defense attorney claims McCracken County Sheriff’s deputies used a misleading affidavit to obtain a search warrant. Ex-Mayfield Mayor Arthur Byrn’s nepotism allegations don’t pan out. Paducah’s Quilt Museum will soon need a new leader. The House passes a ban on bath salts. Education officials get ready to change how the state tests and evaluates schools.

TENNESSEE~ Lawmakers propose a bill to track cold-med (meth ingredients) sales. The AP alleges Governor Haslam dodged reporters after hiding his income.

ILLINOIS~ A pair of gay rights groups launch an online site to track the state’s civil unions.


morning cram [start edition]

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The outcome of today’s Senate vote to ratify the new arms reduction treaty with Russia remains in nail-biting doubt.

~NPR has more on the last-minute lame duck initiative.

KENTUCKY~ No Paducah garbage pickup at the end of this week. McCracken County hires a new Facilities Director. Fort Campbell prepares for thousands of troops to return to base. Murray’s mayor gets a swear-in. You have until the end of the year to flip-flop political party affiliation. Some Christian County School officials had no idea the state was investigating two of their schools. Crittenden High plans to build a greenhouse. The newest Census results won’t change any of the Commonwealth’s congressional lineup.

TENNESSEE~ The State Comptroller calls out a corrupt weatherization program. The EPA still doesn’t know if TVA’s coal ash should be labeled: hazardous.

Calloway County

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Number of Precincts Reporting, 31 of 31

All results are unofficial. Some totals do not include absentee ballots. Results are subject to revision.


Property Valuation Administrator

Michael Conley, R – 1,219

Ronnie Jackson (I), D – 1,687 (W)


Ricky Stewart , R  – 1,271

Rick Harris, D (I) – 1,333 (W)

Janus Vilardo, I – 284

Magistrate, District 1

James Herndon, R – 203

Eddie Clyde Hale (I), D – 357 (W)

Magistrate, District 2

Don  Cherry, R – 338

Connie Morgan (I), D – 388 (W)

Magistrate, District 3

Vernon Anderson, R – 1220

Bobby Stubblefield (I), D – 1841

Sam White, I – 355


Murray Mayor (Nonpartisan)

F. T. “Butch” Seargent – 1992

Bill Wells – 2157 (Winner)

Murray City Council (Nonpartisan) Top 12 Elected

Amos McCarty, Jr. – 1,046 (W)

Sammy Jason Pittman – 1,456 (W)

Dan Miller – 1,365 (W)

Jane Shoemaker – 898

Brad Darnall – 867

Joseph “Jay” Morgan – 1,030 (W)

Linda Cherry – 1,237 (W)

Danny Hudspeth – 1,729 (W)

Jeremy Bell – 1,188 (W)

Robert Billington, Jr. – 1,321 (W)

Pat Scott – 1,137 (W)

Mark Randall – 580

Donald Elias – 1,073 (W)

Jeremy Boyd – 590

Pete Lancaster – 1,090 (W)

Charlie McKenney – 603

Jane Brandon – 918

Ron “R. G.” Gladden – 620

Greg Taylor – 1,080 (W)

Billy Gene Pritchard – 378

John Mark Roberts – 635

Martin Milkman – 846

Richard Reed – 804

Debbie Nance Griffin – 815

Hazel Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Kenny Vasseur (I) – 2

Richard Bennet – 0

Crystal Green – 0

Hazel City Council (Nonpartisan) Six Elected

Richard Richardson – 42

Megan Vaughn – 62 (W)

Lori Charlton – 72 (W)

Michelle Sharp – 76 (W)

Reginald Kendall – 34

Rodney F. Young – 37

Joe D. Thompson – 83

John “Scooter” Paschall – 82 (W)

JoyceLyn Hardin – 60 (W)

Sheila White – 42

Batyah Sandra Richardson – 17

Tonya Drennon – 21

Uncontested Races

County Judge Executive –

Uncontested: Larry Elkins, D –

County Attorney

Uncontested: David Harrington, D

County Clerk

Uncontested: Ray Coursey, D

Uncontested: Bill Marcum, D


Uncontested: Phil Hazle, D

County Surveyor


Magistrate, District 4

Uncontested: Johnny Gingles, D

Constable, District 1

Uncontested: Randy Lee, D

Constable, District 2


Constable, District 3

Uncontested: Tim Stone, D

Constable, District 4

Uncontested: Tim Manning, D

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Datebook – Monday, October 18

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It’s Monday, October 18.

Today is the deadline for Kentucky k-12 teachers to apply for an all-expenses paid workshop about teaching civics.  November 5 through 7 in Frankfort. The We the People program is sponsored by the Kentucky Court of Justice and the national center for Civic Education. Click to news of interest at

There’s Contra-Dancing with live bluegrass music and a caller tonight from 7:30 to 10 at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 1620 Main Street. Cost is $3 students and $5 everyone else.

The Blair String Quartet including cello, violin and viola performs tomorrow at 7:30 at Glema Mahr Center for the Arts at Madisonville Community College.  Tickets are $18 at 270-821-2787.

The Fall Mayoral Debate between Bill Wells and Butch Seargant is Wednesday morning.  The Murray Calloway County Chamber of Commerce hosts the event at Murray State’s Curris Center Ballroom, from 7:30 to 9 a.m.  Tickets are $15.

See what’s at  Use its secure pledge page to make a contribution to this public radio service now.  Thank you.

morning cram [toxie’s dead edition]

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Toxie, NPR‘s Planet Money toxic asset pet, died this week. She was killed by one of the worst housing busts in U.S. history.

~NPR illustrates Toxie’s life on the Planet Money blog.

KENTUCKY~ Paducah’s Housing Authority is going to be a lot more big brother-like next summer. Murray’s mayoral candidates will debate @ MSU in October. Mayfield will vote next month on the ACLU’s request to reverse its mosque denial. State Police find a gun and drugs during an I-24 traffic stop. Lawmakers hear more about state furloughs from Beshear’s Personnel Secretary. Rep. Whitfield wants to make it easier to dispose of prescription/controlled substances. The state’s No Child Left Behind test scores are disappointing.

TENNESSEE~ A federal judge rules the state’s ballot requirements for 3rd parties is unconstitutional.

morning cram (centrist edition)

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Is this the line for the party?

KY~ An attempted murder victim claims he doesn’t remember being hit by a car. Don’t fall for shady texts from fake financial institutions. Multiple escapes prompt police to investigate Paducah’s halfway house. What should Mayfield do with all its piles of extra cash? Murray officials keep mum about their meeting with city firefighters’ lawyer. Fort Campbell’s 101st Airborne cases its colors ahead of its stint in Afghanistan. LBL may change its trees. The state’s election fraud hotline captured 116 complaints. Beshear will set the special session agenda this week.

TN~ The federal government denies funding a new Clarksville Airport terminal.

morning cram (post primary edition)

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Did you vote?

KY~ Dr. Dan and Trey bow out of the US Senate race, leaving it to Jack and Rand. Murray’s mayoral race drops its 24-year-old candidate. Hopkinsville votes to keep Mayor Dan Kemp another four years. CaldwellGraves and Livingston County Judge Executive incumbents win. Calloway and Marshall County Sheriff incumbents win and Carlisle County elects a new one. 45th District Judge race was almost a 3-way split and the incumbent loses. Gooch wins another 12th District term.

TN~ Another bank robbery in Paris prompts a manhunt for a ‘shaggy blond 35-year-old’ dude.