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the morning cram [the back off, I’m starving edition]

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Big Pharma gets a do-over…

NPR reports the FDA isn’t pulling any punches while they reevaluate weight loss drugs previously denied because of side-effects. Sure you’ll grow a third ear, but at least you’ll be skinny!

Kentucky~ Paducah and McCracken County are still considering a merger.  Local counties get some cash for recreational trail programs. Felons may get the chance to vote.

Datebook: March 25 – Waffle Day in Sweden

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Murray State’s Animal Health Technology Day is tomorrow at Carman Pavilion on College Farm Road across from Calloway County High.  From 8 to 4 dogs and cats are welcome for baths, various basic diagnostic tests, nail cuts and ear cleaning.  The Humane Society of Calloway County provides a pet ID clinic.

Kentucky Dam Village’s 38th Annual Buffalo Dinner and Native American Heritage Day is noon til 8 tomorrow.  Enjoy a $19.95 buffet featuring carved steamship of buffalo, buffalo brisket with Cajun demi glace, smoked buffalo with chipotle BBQ sauce and more.  Demonstrations of the Cherokee culture are presented 1 to 5 p.m.

A “Sucker Punch” Ride benefits MSU’s cycling team tomorrow. Registration starts at 7 a.m. at GearUp Cycles on the corner of 15th and Main for 50 and 100 kilometer rides.  Riders get a police escort from 15th and Main to Doran and Wiswell Roads and then are on their own through the southern part of Calloway, including Hazel.

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BY Chris Taylor

Welcome to your backyard blog-0-sphere!  Some of us are prepping to begin posting away with opinions and insights about issues we care about, and (since we’re practically neighbors) maybe you will to. First, get to know me.

Introducing myself: heyo! I’m Chris Taylor, a Murray-dwelling young adult, currently scraping a living as a Morning Edition News Producer @ west Kentucky’s (best) NPR-affiliate. That means I get up earlier than you (likely), but not as early as Todd (ha!).

I’ll probably be posting week-daily about the news (more likely). Sentences are good. I like parentheses, too; expect to see those (most likely).

Okay, enough fun. My interests (of which, may/may not be what I blog about) go!! >> parenting, cooking, biking, disc golf(ing), gaming, newsing, and breathing (you too!?).

Find me on facebookWKMS.ORG (me), and West Kentucky Star.

See ya (bye).

Written by Chris Taylor

January 4, 2010 at 12:10 pm