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The Weekend Energy Preview 2-18

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Here’s what in the Weekend Energy mix this week! It’s such a spectacle, it’s like octopus wrestling in the Puget Sound.


Basement Freaks – Get Ready (Delimentary Remix) –  No one does funky breakbeats like Basement Freaks. These guys are are the absolute best. The album Something Freaky is one subversive retro-tasty production. I say subversive because it’s got lyrics and song titles like Let’s Get It Started, Don’t You Wanna Party, Get Down Boogie, Get Ready, Here We Go Again… All of this sound extremely cliche in today’s sophisticated musical world. Hey, 1979 called… But see that’s exactly the point. These songs are anything but cliche. Yeah, it’s different. It’s maybe even unnerving how “out of step” this music is with almost everything else dropping out of speakers today. All you need to do is turn it really loud and you’ll hear exactly what George Fortadis is trying to do. This week I picked up the remix album, featuring re-rubs of most of the songs I just listed. The remixes highlight the fact that Basement Freaks continue to stand out and stand above.

Bad Politics – Graph (Radio Edit) – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

Make the Girl Dance – Broken Toy Boy feat. Lisa Li-Hung (Original Mix) – It’s about time they made an album! Everything Is Gonna Be OK In the End is the name of their Ultra Records release. It’s got all the great singles released over the past couple years: Baby Baby Baby, Wall of Death, Kill Me… Also, a new single Broken Toy Boy, which is probably the best “new” track on the album. I found the rest of it surprisingly low-key, and not like their single Kill Me at all, which was quite loud and abrasive. That Kill Me is smack in the middle of the album is a little unnerving. The whole album’s got a rather gloomy hazy vibe, with a few cracks of thunder sprinkled in. That may be fine, it may even be great, but I’ll stick with the singles. Check out the super creepy video for Broken Toy Boy.

Datsik – Fully Blown feat. Snake the Ripper – Datsik is dark. Some of the darkest dubstep I’ve got. King Kong remains one of my all-time genre favorites. I had Knife Party’s Fire Hive in the mix this week until I heard Fully Blown in all it’s nasty sludgy glory. Snak the Ripper’s deranged rapping is the obvious highlight in this song. The song’s all about having a good time, but it sounds so psychotic with Snak’s grizzly voice and Datsik’s grinding. I guess what makes this one stand out from all the other filthy dubstep tunes, is that despite it’s darkness, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, it’s reveling in its mess and you should to.


Bad Politics

So… Earlier this week a single called Revolution!!! dropped with three song on them: Graph Radio Edit, Graph Original, and Revolution. It’s all over the place, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon… but finding anything about this group is nearly impossible. Maybe I wasn’t looking in the right places, but I was looking. Anyway, According to their record label, it’s a three piece French group aimed at creating “a reflection on a suffering planet, a paradoxical need to leave the mass to better meet with each other. A world in motion and on the sidelines of a democracy in disguise.” Their music is indeed as ambitious as their mission statement. I’ve got Graph (Radio Edit) in the mix this week, and wanted to put Revolution in, but didn’t feel like editing lyrics to be “radio friendly” so… maybe next week or something. Nevertheless, Bad Politics puts together complex arrangements of groovy beats, soulful female vocals, and undaunted quick rapping. It’s a combination that could go so wrong, but Bad Politics pulls it off so… so right. I’ve had this music spinning all week.

Here’s the best I could do.

Almost Made It

Knife Party

Knife Party is an Australian electro/dubstep duo really blowing up right now. Their EP 100% No Modern Talking is a manufactured masterpiece. Destroy Them With Lazers is a head-swirling, crushing tune. The song that almost made it this week, though, was Fire Hive, which sounds like a whirring power drill splattering a waterfall. These guys are all business in their tunes and it sounds great. Check out their remixes of Nero’s Crush On You (in last week’s mix), Unison by Porter Robinson, and Save The World by Swedish House Mafia.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. This hour’s mix was last week’s Valentine mix, so hear lovely tunes by Rusko, Tensnake, Fedde Le Grand, Sneaky Sound System, Tram Dolls, Human Life, Khan, and more! Sneaky Sound System is one of my favorite Aussie groups. They’ve got big beats, vocals full of bravado, and ridiculously catchy songs. We Love is one of my favorite songs off their new album From Here To Anywhere.

I won’t embed it here, but their very suggestive video is hilarious:

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

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Written by Matt Markgraf

February 18, 2012 at 10:39 am