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the morning cram [back again for the first time edition]

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Restaurants across the country are finding new inspiration from an old source.

NPR reports soda fountain recipes are popping up in restaurants across the land as consumers shy away from industrial soft-drinks.

Kentucky~ 8,000 people and 1 radio station transmitter went without power this morning.There’s funny money in Paducah. A Deputy Jailer tries to bring in some contraband, ends up with some new digs.  Two Mayfield police officers are in trouble with the city.  An attorney for the truck driver in the Amish buggy crash says his client was sober.


morning cram [surreal edition]

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Foreign journalists in Libya are facing increased government pressure.

NPR hears how the media’s situation in Tripoli has become ever more sinister and weird.

KENTUCKY~ Earlington voters end prohibition. A 5-car wreck this morning shut down KY-58. McCracken County authorities search for a knife-wielding robber. MSU’s Curris Center will be back open today after things got a little steamy. The Madisonville-North Hopkins County High School band is invited to play @ New York’s Carnegie Hall. Oak Grove’s longtime police chief gets fired. The (acclaimed) editor of the Madisonville Messenger is retiring. Lower temps may stave off some tree pollen-caused allergies. The state will pick up your tab if you take the GED.

TENNESSEE~ A Houston County fire station burns to the ground (irony!?). One proposed bill wants to add an extra tax to soft drink sales, and another wants to protect teachers (who allow students to decry theories of evolution).


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morning cram [music clouds edition]

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Amazon has launched a way for consumers to easily access all of their music on all of their devices through a so-called “cloud music service.”

~NPR reports the online retailer’s launch beat Google and Apple to the punch.

KENTUCKY~ Residents want McCracken County officials to oversee the local Humane Society. Paducah’s Gaseous Diffusion Plant has a new contractor to convert radioactive waste. Four area high schoolers will have Associate’s degrees when they graduate. A Mayfield man pleads guilty to manslaughter. Boy! Murray sure has grown. Earlington votes today on whether to allow restaurant alcohol sales. Hopkins County’s long-time Circuit Court Clerk is retiring. Gov Beshear signs a bill into law making it easier for top-earners to refinance homes. Some Maker’s Mark bottles will be sealed with gold wax.

TENNESSEE~ A Clarksville man goes on trial accused of murdering his Fort Campbell soldier spouse two years ago. Low-risk prisoners can now get credit toward their sentences for taking 3-month classes. A House sub-committee will discuss legalizing deer farming.

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Livingston County

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Number of Precincts Reporting, 10 of 10

Ballot results are below. Unresolved and write-in races will be announced tomorrow morning.

Smithland Liquor by the Drink Referendum

Yes – 81

No – 51



Bobby Davidson, R – 1797

Jim Wilson, D – 1666

Rundels (Write-In) – 557 (unresolved)

Magistrate, District 3

Jimmy “Brent” Ferrell (I), R – 550

Larry E. Barnes, D – 318

County Surveyor



Grand Rivers City Council (Nonpartisan), Six Elected

Pat Gorbett – 147

Oliver “Bud” Hunt – 142

Frank J. Buchanon – 138

Brenda Lady – 142

Dianne Bingham – 139

Randall O’Bryan – 93

Mark A. Stiles – 66

Bill Huffman – 132

Salem City Commissioners (Nonpartisan), Four Elected

Judy Hodge – 184

Jamie James – 161

Stanley C. Wallace – 155

Gary Allen Ivy – 150

Janet Hughes – 236

Barnes (Write-In) – 34

Salem Mayor (Nonpartisan)


Smithland City Commissioners (Nonpartisan), Four Elected

James Terry – 97

William “Bill” Mahan – 97

Melvin “Bubbie” Martin – 99

James “Jim” Woodyard – 110

Carrsville City Council (Nonpartisan), Four Elected






County Races

County Judge Executive

Chris Lasher, D – 86

County Attorney

Bill Norwood Riley, D – 91

County Clerk

Sonya Williams, D – 96

Property Valuation Administrator

Sue Ann Carver, D – 95


Benjamin “Benji” Guill, D – 98


Andrew S. Fox, D – 98

Magistrate, District1

Terry Stringer, D – 7

Magistrate, District 2

Franklin Walker, D – 31

Magistrate, District 4

Marvin Buford, D – 34

Constable, District 1

Dennis Keith Jones, D – 7

Constable, District 2

R. J. Nestle, D – 30

Constable, District 3

Owen Hurley, D – 9

Constable, District 4

Phillip Ramage, D – 55

City Races

Carrsville Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Deana J. Gerding – 19

Smithland Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Joe Ward – 3

Grand Rivers Mayor (Nonpartisan)

Tom Moodie – 11

Written by Angela Hatton

October 28, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Morning Cram [SLEEPY WORKER] Edition

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Surprise, surprise…working late hours makes you sleepy.

KY: A Fort Campbell soldier dies in Afghanistan after his patrol came under fire. Also, a Fort Campbell soldier is arrested for selling high-powered weapons to undercover agents. Testimony wrapped up in one day in a combined rate case for Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities. Paducah City Commissioner is concerned about an increasing amount of graffiti in and around the city. A Paducah attorney pleads not guilty to four alcohol-related charges. Paducah creates a 40-member task force to tackle poverty in the city and county. A Mayfield couple faces jail time for illegally receiving Social Security Disability insurance.

TN: Business and Finance Committee of the Tennessee Board of Regents voted for tuition increases.

IL: Illinois Governor signs legislation that allows public universities to borrow money.

Written by walkie2006

June 9, 2010 at 10:22 am

Morning Cram [GONE TO SEATTLE] Edition

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Our regular cram wizard is off for the week, but we’re still here to give you your morning news briefs.

KY: Episcopalians go to the polls, come back with new bishop. Expect some construction traffic jams in Livingston Co. later this month. McCracken County police hit the streets to crack down on crack and streetwalkers.  Prison guards hoarding drugs. Conference prepares for mother’s nature’s worst.

TN: Boy drowns with no supervision. Law allows alcohol to flow at local marina. The state Senate gives Arizona’s new immigration law a thumbs up.

morning cram (remember edition)

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Happy Memorial Day.

KY~ Horses were running wild yesterday on I-24. JPEC blames equipment for power outage @ Kentucky Oaks Mall. A McCracken County judge impels the state’s crime lab backlog. A barge hit the US-68 bridge over Lake Barkley. Cadiz expects to benefit from alcohol taxes.  3% natural gas price hikes are coming. Rand’s comments push senators to adopt a new discrimination resolution and WE HAVE A BUDGET!!!

SPORTS~ MSU finishes 3rd in the OVC tourney.