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Kentucky 2011 General Election Returns

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     2011 Kentucky General Election Returns


See the graph below for election returns.

From The Associated Press: Ky.’s Beshear Re-Elected; States Mull Ballot Items

2011 Election Results Are In, Democrats Win Big
Tuesday was a good election night for Kentucky Democrats. Of the six statewide races, only one went to a GOP candidate, Republican James Comer defeating Democrat Bob Farmer for the position of Commissioner of Agriculture. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear will remain his post for the next four years in a big win over Republican Senate President David Williams and Independent Gatewood Galbraith. Click here to read the article.

Holllenbach Wins Treasurer in Close Race
In one of the closest races of the evening, incumbent Democrat Todd Hollenbach won re-election as Kentucky treasurer over GOP challenger K.C. Crosbie.

Auditor Candidate Declares Victory
In Frankfort this evening, Democrat Adam Edelen declared victory over Republican John Kemper. With 58 of precincts reporting, Edelen had 59 percent of the votes, to Kemper’s 41 percent.

AP Calls Att. Gen. Win for Conway
Associated Press calls win for Attorney General Incumbent Democrat Jack Conway wins beating Hopkins County Republican Todd P’Pool.

AP Calls Ag Comm. Race for Comer
Associated Press Calls win for Republican Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, who beats Louisville Democrat Bob Farmer.

AP Calls Lundergan Grimes Winner in SOS Race
Dem. Alison Lundergan Grimes wins Ky. secretary of state race over Bill Johnson, a West Kentuckian. With 51 percent of precincts reporting, Grimes had 269,193 votes or 64 percent, to Republican Bill Johnson’s 150,997 votes or 36 percent.

AP Calls Beshear Victor
The Associated Press is calling incumbent Governor Steve Beshear the victor in tonight’s Kentucky General Election.

Voter Turnout in Question

Projected Turnout: 25%

It’s Election Day in Kentucky, but officials say more people will avoid polling places than vote. The projected turnout is about a quarter of registered voters. University of Kentucky political scientist Ernie Yanarella says low numbers favor incumbent Governor Steve Beshear. And Yanarella notes the election still comes down to the state’s political makeup, which features more registered democrats than republicans. Yanarella predicts Senate President David Williams will come in 2nd today with Independent Gatewood Galbraith 3rd. But Yanarella says he wouldn’t be surprised if Galbraith receives as much as nine percent of the vote.

Sources: KY Secretary of State, Kentucky Public Radio, Associated Press


From the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office:

Registered Voters: 2,944,603

Ballots Cast: 844,927

Voter Turnout: 28.69 %

Precincts Partially Reported: 0 of 3572

Precincts Completely Reported: 3572 of 3572

Precincts : 100.00 %

Check The Front Blog for Kentucky Election Results

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Frequent Blog Readers!
Check right here on The Front Blog or go to the WKMS web site for Kentucky election results tonight. WKMS News will be monitoring results as they come in and we’ll be updating frequently right here!

And to add more value to this post:
Something completely different, the following video has no direct election context. One might draw a connection to how some counties election processes go because they haven’t adopted new E-scan voting machine technology.

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November 8, 2011 at 3:48 pm

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Kentucky 2011 Primary Election Results

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Most of the races have been declared in Kentucky for the 2011 primary election.

Dark red: 0-10% Light red: 10-20% Orange: 20-30% Yellow: 30-40%

Seven state races are on the ballot this year. State races on the Democratic side include Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Agriculture. Races on the GOP side include Auditor, Agriculture Commissioner, Governor, and Secretary of State.

WKMS will have more coverage during Morning Edition.


David Williams is the GOP nominee for Kentucky governor. With nearly all precincts reporting, Williams had a near ten point lead ahead of main opposition Phil Moffet. Williams has 47 and a half percent, with Moffett taking 38 percent of the vote. Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw took 14 percent of the vote. According to KET analysts, Moffett won small victories in populated areas, including Owensboro, Paducah, and Lexington. But Williams won the majority of rural areas. Williams and incumbent Governor Steve Beshear will face off in November. Republican Governors Association Executive Director Phil Cox issued a statement after the results. Cox said, “David Williams’ victory is an important first step towards putting Kentucky back on the right track.”

The candidates for Agriculture Commissioner are James Comer on the Republican side and Bob Farmer on the Democratic side. The seat is vacant this time around. Former Commissioner Richie Farmer is on the ticket as David Williams’ running mate.

Incumbent Kentucky State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach has won the Democratic primary over western Kentucky businessman Steve Hamrick. Hollenbach received around seventy-one percent of the vote. Hollenbach faces K. C. Crosbie in the fall.

Another set of candidates vying over a vacant office. Current Auditor Crit Luallen is term-limited. On the GOP side, John Kemper III won the nomination over Addia Wuchner. Kemper faces Adam Edelen, who was unopposed on the Democratic side.

Alison Lundergan Grimes has won the democratic Secretary of State nomination over incumbent Elaine Walker on the democratic side. Walker has been in the post only a few months. She took over when Trey Grayson left the post to take a job at Harvard. Grimes took around 55 percent of the vote.

The Associated Press unofficially called Bill Johnson the GOP candidate for Kentucky Secretary of State. With nearly all votes counted statewide, Johnson led with just over 50 percent of the vote, ahead of Hilda Legg by less than a percent. Johnson was ahead by just over 1,100 votes as of 9 PM Tuesday. In Johnson’s home of Todd County, he took 83 percent of the vote. It’s unclear if Legg will request a re-canvass.


Turnout is expected to be low. Angela Hatton spoke with some likely voters in Murray earlier Tuesday. Unofficial reports as of 9:00 tonight show turnout was 9.28 percent.


Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh is on-site at the Democratic Campaign Headquarters in Frankfort. McVeigh spoke with Attorney General Jack Conway about the turnout so far.

KPR’s Stu Johnson is in Lexington with the GOP.

Nortonville Voters say No to Alcohol

A wet-dry referendum for the Hopkins County city of Nortonville got an overwhelming “No” vote in tonight’s primary election. As a 5th class city, Nortonville is eligible for moist status. Moist means some restaurants which also sell food could offer alcoholic beverages by the drink. The unofficial result, with 100 percent of votes counted, shows that more than 78 percent voted not to allow liquor by the drink.

GRAPHS Read the rest of this entry »

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May 17, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Kentucky Primary Elections

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WKMS will bring election coverage just after 8 and 9 tonight. You can also check back later this evening for live updates on the blog. To see what’s going on right now around Kentucky, keep reading.

Kentuckians are out at the polls today to vote for candidates for state office, though turnout is low. Secretary of State Elaine Walker has predicted only 9 to 10 percent of registered voters will come out today. The Secretary of State’s office is providing updates throughout the day on their Facebook page, and election coverage is aggregated on Twitter.

At a busy local restaurant this morning, many Murray residents say they’re not sure they’ll make it to the ballot box. Arvie Crafton, a Democrat, says he’s disappointed with primaries for his party.  “There’s just nothing to choose from really,” he says. “There’s nothing on the ballot. I’ll probably go, but I don’t feel very motivated to go.”

Crafton says he’s interested to know who gets the Republican nomination for governor. Others say they’re too busy, or they’ll sit this election out, and head to the ballot box in November.

Restaurant owner Martha Lamb hasn’t made it to the polls yet, but she plans on voting today. She says, “I’m not really involved in politics that much. I maybe—I’m just strongly involved in the way America is being run. I just think it’s awful.” Lamb feels it’s important to effect change through voting.

State races on the Democratic side include Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Agriculture. Races on the GOP side include Auditor, Agriculture Commissioner, Governor, and Secretary of State.  See a sample ballot for DEM and REP. Polls are open until 6 pm.

Montgomery County

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County: Montgomery

No. of Precincts Reporting: 24



Mayor:  Clarksville

Kim McMillan: 10271

Cesar Gabriel Barraza: 243

Shirley J. Braxton: 516

Jeff Burkhart: 8042

Keith Fain: 772

Mike Flood: 148

Jon Lockwood: 167

Gabriel Segovia: 1112

Write-in: 56

City Council:  Clarksville

Ward 1

John McCotter Leckrone: 149

Nick Steward: 326

Write-in: 1

Ward 2

Deanna McLaughlin (Uncontested): 936

Write-in: 13

Ward 6

Terrell Clark: 85

Lynn Gray: 115

Marc Harris: 328

Stephanie Huffman: 68

Phillip Tucker: 243

Write-in: 1

Ward 7

Geno Grubbs: 1040

Bill Harrison: 433

Write-in: 9

Ward 10

George Avitua: 289

Dustin Gault: 243

Bill Summers: 2363

Write-in: 11

Ward 11

William Forrester: 804

Kaye Jones: 1273

Rick Reda: 703

Write-in: 4

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November 2, 2010 at 1:55 pm

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Fulton County

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Number of Precincts Reporting: 12

County Races:


Joe F. Campbell (R): 793

Pete Morgan (D): 1337

Magistrates (2nd District)

Kenneth Edmainston (R): 278

George A. Jones (D): 450

City Races

Mayor: Fulton

Robert D. “Dan” Voegeli: 342

Elaine Forrester: 349

City Commissioners: Fulton (Vote 4)

Mike Farmer: 456

Martha Poe Vowell: 418 

David S. Prater Jr.: 458

Alex Noffel, Jr.: 363

Jeff Vaughn: 492

Mayor: Hickman

Charles R. Murphy: 256

Justin D Lane: 95

Matthew “Matt” Bing: 213

City Commissioners: Hickman (Vote 4)

Charles Choate: 280

Barbara J. Yandal: 256

Roger Adams: 257

David Lattus: 312

Phillip Williams: 297

Jim Somerfield: 199

John W. Gannon: 236

Uncontested County Races

Judge Executive

David Gallagher (D) Uncontested

County Attorney

Richard L. “Rick” Major (D) Uncontested 


Betty T. Abernathy (D) Uncontested


Robert “Bobby” Hopper Uncontested 


Matt Moss (D) Uncontested

District Judge

Hunter B. Whitesell II Uncontested 

Constable (1st District)

Fred Fahl (D) Uncontested

Constable (2nd District)

Douglas Bradley (D) Uncontested 

Constable (3rd District)

Bobby J. Johnson (D) Uncontested 

Constable (4th District)

Maurice Dunn (D) Uncontested

Magistrates (1st District)

Billy “Bubba” Nelms Jr. (D) Uncontested 

Magistrates (3rd District)

James D. Black Uncontested

Magistrates (4th District)

Henry L. Callison Uncontested


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November 2, 2010 at 1:51 pm

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Massac County

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100% of Precincts Reporting


County Races


Sandra L. Rheeling (D): 982

John D. Taylor (R): 3498

Steve Russel (Constitution): 365


Floyd W. Sullivan (D): 2701

Debbie Crockett (R): 1885

Joseph V. Miller (Constitution): 258


John A. Barr (D): 1078

Ted Holder (R): 3595

Alan “Al” Rahn (Constitution): 156


Jerel Childers (D): 2402

Jeffrey K. Weber (R): 2163

Betty Jean Varnum (Constitution): 294

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