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Severe Weather Tonight 1-22

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NOAA Map of Predicted Storm Impact

The National Weather Service  has issued a tornado watch until 2:00 a.m for the entire WKMS listening area.  The rapidly moving storm front will bring significant wind gusts, torrential rain, hail and potential flash flooding. We won’t be able to post all of the warnings with this storm system. Stay tuned to your local weather radio service, WKMS will provide Emergency Alert System notifications of warnings on the air throughout the evening.

For consistent updates throughout the storm system tonight we suggest visiting McCracken County Emergency Management Meteorologist Beau Dodson’s facebook update page.

The storm system ahead of a cold front will move from southwest to northeast. The storm poses the greatest threat of tornadoes and hail in Northwest Tennessee and along the Kentucky/Tennessee border.  Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois residents should also  expect high damaging winds  up to or exceeding  70 miles per hour and torrential rain. NWS forecasters says windshear is the big story for this event.  Higher levels of windshear are common in January, and with more windshear, forecasters say, it takes less instability to spawn a tornado. Forecasters don’t expect this to be a record breaking event but  There will also be a good chance for flash flooding overnight and into the morning hours.  The storm system will move quickly, around 50 miles per hour.

Night time storms poses a greater safety risk than daytime storms simply because they impact our area while most are sleeping. Forecasters say to test your weather radios and be sure they have fresh batteries.

Weather radios need to be programmed or set to weather stations monitoring where you live. Details are here about programing your weather radio.

Written by Chad Lampe

January 22, 2012 at 2:45 pm

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