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Datebook: December 15 – Bill of Rights Ratified 220 Years Ago

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The Bill of Rights was ratified 220 years ago today. The amendments were introduced by James Madison to the 1st United States Congress as a series of legislative articles based on the ideas of John Locke, were then adapted by the House of Representatives and formally proposed by joint resolution in September 1789, eventually ratified by three-fourths of the States. There were originally 12 amendments. One became the 27th Amendment, and the other is still technically pending. One of the first fourteen copies of the Bill of Rights is on public display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Lawmakers in Kentucky, ratified all twelve proposals soon after becoming the 15th State in 1792, unaware that the initial ten had already been made part of the Constitution. It is commonly understood that originally the Bill of Rights was not intended to apply to the States; however, there is no such limit in the text itself, except where an amendment refers specifically to the federal government.

It’s Thursday, December 15

On Saturday there are auditions for Once Upon A Mattress with Campanile Productions at the Alhambra Theatre, 507 Main in Hopkinsville. Adults and teens are needed for lead and primary roles. Ages 11 & up may audition for ensemble roles. A few cast members under the age of 10 are needed for crowd scenes. Prepare 16 measures of a song of your choice. Download audition packets at

Sunday’s the last performance of The Big Band Christmas Show at the Badgett Playhouse in Grand Rivers. It starts at 2 p.m. and features favorite holiday tunes from the era of music made famous by the likes of Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra. See

Gallery 109’s winter exhibition is open through January 6. See works by Richard Dougherty, Mary Fuhrmann, Brent Scowden, Nancy Hollinghurst, and Jennifer Fairbanks. The Gallery’s at 109 North 3rd in Murray, open 11 to 4 Thursdays and Fridays.

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