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Datebook: December 12 – Gustave Flaubert turns 190

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Gustave Flaubert was born on December 12, 1821 (and died May 8, 1880). He was a French writer considered among the greatest Western novelists, known especially for his first published novel, Madame Bovary (1857). Flaubert spent five years writing Madame Bovary, which was serialized in the Revue de Paris in 1856. The government brought an action against the publisher and author on the charge of immorality, which was heard during the following year, but both were acquitted. When Madame Bovary appeared in book form, it met with a warm reception. Flaubert is infamous for scrupulously avoiding the inexact, the abstract, and vaguely inapt expression. He believed in the principle of finding “le mot juste” (“the right word”), which he considered has the key mean to achieve quality in literary art. In his letters, it is evident that he toiled in agony, violently tormenting his brain for the best turn of phrase. Modern writers may sympathize with the notion that blood, sweat, and tears went into his work. Because of this, he published less prolifically than his peers and was considered a “martyr of style.”

It’s Monday December 12

Murray’s Playhouse in the Park’s youth group, Box of Frogs, offers the Show Stoppin’ Recipes Cookbook for holiday giving. These are $15, include 200 recipes, and the Playhouse is open most afternoons for pick up. The Playhouse’s annual meeting is tomorrow evening at 6:30. The Marvelous Wonderettes will be on hand with entertainment.

Murray State’s President’s home Oakhurst on Main between 15th and 16th is open to all for a Holiday Reception from 4:30 to 6:30 Thursday. Drs. Randy and Ronda Dunn invite the Town and Gown communities.

The Mayfield Middle and High School Christmas Assistance Program seeks donors. Contact the STAR Youth Service Center at 270-247-7256. The Program pre-interviews parents or guardians of children to create lists of wishes and needs. Donors may get a list to shop confidentially for a particular child or give donations to the program to do the shopping.

Listen to Rose Krzton-Presson’s story about the newly established circus museum in Hopkinsville at Thanks for supporting this service.


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