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The Weekend Energy Preview 12-10

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy.  This week’s show is so insanely over-the-top, it’s like trading human activities like eating and sleeping, in order to better transition into a cyborg. Then falling in love with a kleptomaniac dressed as a rabbit and using a makeshift lightning rod to bring about the world’s destruction.

Yeah… like this!


Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) – So each week you can bet the Weekend Energy mix will have lots of great songs. It’ll be an evening of laughs and tears and horrific possessed writhing on the floor. Well, that describes this week’s mix because of Nero’s Crush On You. I’ve literally played this remix every chance I could this week (like 57 times). I love the manic vocals, though I’m not a huge fan of the original version, but the Knife Party remix takes care of overloading the dubstep part (which were rather weak in the original). As for the writhing on the floor… I shall now turn you to one of the best music videos ever.

Trent Cantrelle – I Want A Freak (Original Mix) – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

Stanton Warriors – New York (Original Mix) – This song was an “almost made it” last February (hey, I said I’d get to it eventually!). New York has a transcendental Daft-Punkian funkiness to it. In the almost made it, I said it was difficult to find a song that was of equal scope in terms of caliber, and that the context would be off, or whatever. This week’s mix is so good, though, that none of that matters. This song kicks ass… literally… because the  music video samples clips from The Warriors. Check it out.

The Body Snatchers – Call Me (Lee Mortimer’s ‘troll Under the Bridge Mix) – This is one of the oldest songs downloaded to my music library (which blew up in a computer fire in 2008). It is also one of the best. This song has so much obscene grungy swagger it should be quarantined by my antivirus software. I think it destroyed my old computer. In both the original and troll versions Sporty-O’s lyrical wizardry shines. Lee Mortimer turns up the crunk a bit in this one, which is why I am partial, but the original’s got the sweet animated music video.


Trent Cantrelle

Instead of the typical indie-dance crossover discovery, one of my favorite discoveries this week was Trent Cantrelle’s single I Want A Freak. I had never heard of this incredible L.A.-based house purist, though apparently he had something to do with a remix of Steven Lee and Sam Obernik’s song Fever – which is totally transcendent. I Want A Freak is his alone, though. It’s best feature is the strong bassline that, while very much a classic, sounds surprisingly fresh amidst the many layers in this song and paired with the lovely vocals about wanting “a freak in the morning, a freak in the evening.” Trent’s doing well for himself, was featured on Beatport and iTunes top 100 lists, and this song recently hit number four on Beatport’s top ten overall songs. All of that can be topped, however, by the legendary music video:

Almost Made It

Lisa Mitchell

I was going to close out this week’s mix with Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell, the No Device remix. It’s a zazzly, dreamy song with a great beat. The No Device remix picks up the energy, but cradles the sleepy song in a poppy beat, rather than sacrificing the haziness that makes it so good. Here’s my solution: after the show tonight, click over and play this song, that way you’ll hear what I wanted to do.  You’re the best.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Some of the artists in this mix include FS, Shotgun Radio, Cosaquitos en Globo, Tensnake, Tritonal, and Yolanda Be Cool. The latter blew up last year with their bouncy Balkansy smashtacular single No Speak Americano. They’ve returned with what will be huge (if its not already), Le Bump, a luscious spry house romp on par with their best work. Listening to it again, I see a career as an automobile commercial soundbite – we shall see. Also, check out their classic Afro Nuts. You’re sure to go nuts… Kind of like the hilarious lady in their music video for Le Bump:

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

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