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Murray Mentioned in ‘This Is NPR’

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We found a Murray, Kentucky mention in NPR’s biographical retrospective! Here’s some context: Susan Stamberg writes about the early days of producing All Things Consisdered in 1971, about hearing voices from ‘exotic’ locations like Murfreesboro, Tennesse and Kankakee, Illinois…

Excerpt from page 15 of “This Is NPR: The First Forty Years”

In addition to carrying our program, reporters at those and other stations let America listen in to what was happening in their towns. They interviewed citizens and produced stories on local doings, and their tapes were broadcast on ATC.

“What’s there to do in Murray, Kentucky, on Saturday night?”

“You go down south ’til eleven-thirty. To Tennessee for beer. Then you come back here and usually you eat. You get a pizza. You drive around town two or three times. Nothin.’ You go home. That’s it.”

“Surely there’s more than that?” 

‘”There’s nothing else to do in Murray. If there was something else to do, we wouldn’t be up there on Saturday night driving up and down the street.”

Check out This Is NPR, available at the NPR Shop. It may just be your next good read!


Written by Matt Markgraf

December 5, 2011 at 2:32 pm

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