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Weekend Energy Preview 11-12

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show is so unexpected, it’s like stumbling upon a legendary battle between a race of alien bounty hunters and an equally threatening race of parasitic aliens while on an archaeological dig in Antarctica.


Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me feat. Britt Love (Dusk Remix) – Almost every single by British group Monarchy has been on Weekend Energy, beginning with The Phoenix Alive from Kitsune Records back in April 2010. Their new single, You Don’t Want To Dance With Me, is a brooding atmospheric masterpiece. The lovelorn male vocals are great, but the addition of Britt Love’s sharp, mousy voice is what launches this song to the stars. I love the original mix, but I’m a bigger fan of atmosphere, for which I turn to the darker and more confident Dusk Remix. Check out the official video… pure class.

Baymont Bross – Can’t Keep feat. MC Darrison, Hold Tight – See this week’s “Featured” below.

Tram Dolls – Kiss Me (Fear of Tigers Remix) – Tram Dolls is an artist signed onto Skint Records (Fatboy Slim, Midfield General). They have a song called Kiss Me that’s been made into three remixes. That’s about all I know, and that’s more than I could have told you ten minutes ago. I saw the name Fear of Tigers attached and jumped (out of excitement, not out of fear of tigers). I’m a huge fan of their album Cossus Snufsigalonica. I’m also a huge fan of what they did to this song, not that I have much frame of reference (Original mix? Where?) . FoT remix is strong, driving, and sounds like a roller coaster that won’t stop and wait for you get in, you sort of have to time your jump or miss horribly. So far, sounds great! I’d love to hear more Tram Dolls!

Morlack – Take It to the Zulu, Pt. 1 – A couple months ago, Morlack released Ghetto Vaccination and I picked up the BadboE remix, which struck me for its complex take on funky ghetto house music. Unfortunately, it’d take me like 30 minutes in the studio to edit the song for the radio, so it never made it into Weekend Energy. Luckily, Morlack just released an EP called “Zulu,” which absolutely kills. The opening track, and the one in this week’s mix, is rip-roaring insanity. It’s funky, filthy, lush, heavily sampled, and has the best use of harmonicas I’ve heard in an electronica beat this year, maybe ever (Cotton Eyed Joe doesn’t count…). If you love Part 1, look for Part 2, which I’ll never be able to play on the radio, but is just as good, if not better. I’m also partial to the more standard funky breaks sound of Get It Hot. This album is only like three dollars on iTunes and is highly highly recommended. Check out the sweet ghetto funky music video for the EP.


Baymont Bross

I’ve been slinging some Baymont Bross on Weekend Energy for years. They are truly one of my favorite artists. It’s a band formed by 2 brothers: Jose Maria Barrientos on the bass, keyboards, Spanish Guitar, and electric guitar; and Antonio Barrientos as DJ and promoter. Their funky breaks songs are always super fresh, solid, and a pure “failsafe” for any party, get-together, or laundry night. Their single Can’t Keep A Good Man Down is ragga breaks bliss. It’s the opening track on their new compilation, All Stars Vol. 1 – from their own record label The Pooty Club Records, which I highly recommend. Also, check out their songs: Handz Sky Up feat. Sporty O, Wine Up Ya Waist feat. General Levy & Sunshine, and my all-time favorite of theirs Hold Tight feat. Feral, which is also in the mix tonight!  You can’t keep awesome artists down and Baymont Bross is unstoppable.

Almost Made It


I stumbled upon the original mix of this song and  Uberjack’d Moombah remix a couple weeks ago and both versions been stuck in my head ever since. The only reason it’s not in the mix is because I can’t pick one! Also, NEXT WEEK I’ll be dropping the first-ever Thanksgiving Moombah Madness Mix, so this song could end up there. It’s got all the right ingredients for a truly great song: sassy foul female vocals, questionable subject matter, a sick dancehall drumstep beat, and deep synths that will hollow out your head. Here’s the moombah mix because it sounds absolutely crazy. It’s also got some smatterings of bad language, just a heads up.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include The Crystal Method, Rebecca & Fiona, Justice, Crookers, Fatboy Slim, Sunday Girl, Moullinex, Jaguar Love, Gramophonedzie and more! Sunday Girl is the stage name of British singer Jade Williams. The RAC remix of her song Love U More is one of the understated highlights of this hour’s mix. In addition to her signing on with major label Polydor Records, she’s worked with the good company of Diplo, Rusko, and Ellie Goulding. The original mix is a great, clean-cut pop tune with a rich trance backing, totally inoffensive and slick for top 40 radio.  The RAC remix substitutes the trance found for an indie dance rub, which sounds much less produced and more organic. Also, the New Kids remix of this song has gotten high praise.

Here’s the official video for the original mix:

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

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