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Why I Am a “Dollar a Day” Contributor to WKMS – A Sad Tale of Procrastination and Remorse

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Here’s a wonderful story by a WKMS contributor from Fulton. Thank you so much Baker for sharing this story with us and for letting us share this story with listeners:


Why I Am a “Dollar a Day” Contributor to WKMS – A Sad Tale of Procrastination and Remorse

Once upon a time – not so long ago – those of us in Northwest Tennessee and Southwest Kentucky had a fine NPR station. WKNO in Memphis had a 100,000 watt translator in Dyersburg which had a fine signal both in Union City, where I worked, and at my home in Fulton, KY. They had a news and talk format that was similar to what we hear on WKMS today and I loved the programing. I was a Member and I contributed a few dollars a month by automatic deduction from my checking account. I thought I was doing my part.

One morning when I switched on my radio as usual expecting to hear “Morning Addition”, I was shocked to discover that in the place of my favorite NPR station was a new Christian broadcasting station. This had happened with no fanfare. My favorite station was just GONE! I soon found out that, due to budget restraints, WKNO had been forced to sell the transmitter and the license at Dyersburg in order to raise cash!

I was hurt and I was resentful. I called that very day and canceled my membership. I couldn’t understand why they would take “my” station off the air without at least giving the listeners an opportunity to “step up to the plate” and save the station. I would have given more, if only they had asked!

It took me a while to come to the realization that they had been asking all along. Twice a year they had a pledge drive and I had noticed that they usually seemed to come up a little short. I guess I assumed that the big corporate sponsors would make up the shortfall. I could have done more, but the programing went on and I was happy and content– right up until that fateful morning when “my” station went off the air.

Now we have the new WKMT station at Fulton and I can again get my NPR fix, full strength, 24 hours a day! One thing is for sure, I will never again be complacent about my new NPR station. I signed up for a “dollar a day” membership to WKMS and if the current pledge drive seems to be coming up short, I will dig a little deeper. I don’t ever want to wake up again and find that NPR is gone from my radio dial!

Baker Thompson
Fulton, KY

Written by Matt Markgraf

October 28, 2011 at 10:11 am

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