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Weekend Energy Preview 10-15

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show is so loud, it’s like catapulting goats into a trumpet factory on the Fourth of July!


33Hz – Nightspot – “Wow” pretty much sums up my reaction to Nightspot after like 45 seconds. This New York trio blends modern electro with classy disco resulting in a sonically smooth audio milkshake. Nightspot hits the sweet spot. Their other stuff is good, too. The B-side to Nightspot, Stephanie All Night, is more of a percolating rocker with an intense harmonized chorus. If you in to softer jams, check out the video for Under The Sun. But before you do anything else, before you even finish reading this sentence, check out Nightspot on their website.

The Gossip – Dimestore Diamond  (Gramatik Remix) – See this week’s “Featured” below. Art, Let’s Dance – The Conqueror (Megastrom Remix). The ‘u’ key got stuck earlier on and now my backspace button doesn’t work… You’ll love this, without a doubt. The Conqueror is sophisticated indie-pop perfection, with an irresistibly catchy beat and ultra-smooth vocals. NME said this band is perfect “2-bit jerky dance pop for indie geeks with colorful knit-wear!” I couldn’t agree more. Though my wardrobe tends to be classic black and whites, I’m almost tempted to splash around in some pastels listening to Art, Let’s Dance. I’m playing Megastrom’s remix tonight which significantly enhances the depth of the beat, but it is by no means any better than the original mix. Fantastic official video for the original mix.

Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix) – Porter Robinson has been sneaking in to my mix a lot lately, that’s because his new album Spitfire recently dropped (October 11th on iTunes) and I can’t turn it off for two minutes. The original mix of the title track lulls you in to a rumbly build-up into truly filthy dubstep, some of the best production on an album I’ve heard in this genre. Spitfire is as tender and brutal, it’s a masterpiece tapestry of light and dark. It needs to be on display in an art museum. It’s not a song so much as an experience. The second track on the album, Unison, is less dubstep, more prog house, but it’s nevertheless a great follow-up to Spitfire, and combined make the first ten minutes of a great album. I played an awesome remix of Unison by Knife Party a couple weeks ago. The last track is what I’ll be playing tonight, it’s a remix of Spitifre by Kill The Noise that totally rips apart the beautiful music, shamelessly smashing the mix into gravelly mud before dragging it through a mine-field. Hurray!


The Gossip

Not really a discovery so much as a re-discovery. The Gossip first came to my attention with some remixes of Listen Up a couple years ago. I was drawn by the rollicking bassline, swift groove, and alluring vocals. Also, the official music video is simply one of the most memorable I’ve seen. The song came out on an album called “Standing In the Way of Control,”  which has the awesome rocker Jealous Girls. Fast forward a few years okay and the song in tonight’s mix is a remix of Dimestore Diamond, the opening track from their 2009 album “Music for Men.” The original version has absolutely crushing drums. Singer Beth Ditto is at her finest. It’s a total stomper, just listen to the live mix below. The iTunes review for this album says it “scrapes its nails across rock, soul, gospel, dance, drawing blood and leaving an indelible mark.” The Gossip has certainly left a mark on me. Earlier this week, I came across a remix of this song by Gramatik, that doesn’t really do much to the original besides rubbing some salt and pepper over the solid beat. A little seasoning for a spicy song. For some reason, The Gossip has largely flown under my radar – perhaps it’s because there aren’t many remixes of their songs. When something is flawless, though, it doesn’t need to be remixed. But a heads-up would be nice, for those interested!

Here’s a great quality live video of The Gossip doing Dimestore Diamond at Coachella:

Almost Made It


I’ve been kicking around Ohhh Nooo like a can’o’beenz for the past few weeks. It’s such an odd song that I can’t seem to fit it in anywhere. And I mean “odd” in a good way – always do. Listening to a thousand songs each week, odd is important, odd is a signature tune. One of the comments on the YouTube video below summed it up well: “Where the hell did Excision find a beatboxing pig?” Excision is an awesome artist. Just check out Whalestep featuring Stickybuds, check out 8Bit Superhero with Datsik, or their remix of Noisia’s Alpha Centuri. Excision’s new album X Rated is grungy, spartan, and pure masculine. This is no-frills dubstep. Check out the title track, check out The Underground, 8 Bit Superhero is on this album, too. Give it five minutes, and if you’re into really heavy dubstep like me, you’ll be saying Ohhh Yesss!

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include Swedish House Mafia, Marina & The Diamonds, Duck Sauce, Namie Amuro & Shinichi Osawa, Parov Stelar, The Bag Raiders and more! Shinichi Osawa has long been one of my favorite DJs. His production and mixing skills are at a level just heads and tails above everyone else. This remix of jpop singer Namie Amuro is dissonant electro mayhem magic. It’s just one of many others from his phenomenal album Teppan-Yaki: A Collection of Remixes. Also from that album, be sure to check out his remixes of Radio by Felix Da Housecat, Popper by Christopher and Raphael Just, EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix), Ah Ah by Anna Tsuchiya, and Tripod Baby by M-Flo with Lisa. Yeah, I’mma go lissen to dis album now.

Here’s a really old video, but a great overhead of Shinichi Osawa doing some live mixing at an Apple store:


“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

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Written by Matt Markgraf

October 15, 2011 at 1:57 am