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Weekend Energy Preview 7-23

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show is so indie, it’s like  a thrift store called Nietzsche’s Nook in a field of wheat with free wifi and flavored coffee. It’s my semi-biannual indie dance blow out uhhh… for no particular reason at all!




This weeks mix features some awesome indie sounds I’ve featured recently. There are a few more highlights than usual, and all are fantastic discoveries. Here’s some blurbs and videos and stuff from previous posts about some of the songs featured this week:


Yeasayer – O.N.E. (Build & Clancy Remix) – Yeasayer is probably one of my favorite bands that under normal circumstances wouldn’t get airtime on Weekend Energy (add Gogol Bordello and Snow Patrol), but Build and Clancy took the already dancy single O.N.E. and made it a club masterpiece. This remix takes the 80s vibe in the original cut and cliff dives with it. This remix totally soars. Add it your summer mix and astonish your friends. If  you’ve never heard of Yeasayer, listen to Ambling Alp immediately. If you already know why, you’re an enlightened person. Here’s the ridiculously awesome video for O.N.E.


Foster the People  – Pumped Up Kicks (Myndset Remix) – Here’s a group destined for greatness. Helena Beat was one of the catchiest song released over the past year. Its a winter anthem – warm and heartfelt to the core. It’s more indie than electro, but I don’t think you’ll mind. This week’s mix features another song of theirs, Pumped Up Kicks. The verses are sung on a strained, kodachrome-esque filter and the chorus slings around as another, more summery, anthem. They’ve recently been featured on NPR!



Familjen – Det Var Jag – Words cannot define the intense welling-up of feelings you will experience when watching the below video. Here, I’ll try it: happiness, joy, tearful joy, bliss, golden, intrigued, did I mention joy… like nothing could ever bring you down joy? Familjen is one of my proudest discoveries of the year. If for no other reason than the 3:45 masterpiece of Det Var Jag (It Was Me). I stumbled across it… here’s what I saw “Familjen – Mänskligheten – Det Var Jag” and thought can it get any more obscure than this? The language may be Swedish (apparently a southern dialect – Scanian), but the emotion in the song is universal. Familjen is the alias of a guy named Johan T Karlsson and he’s been performing for the better part of four years. If Det Var Jag sounds transcendent of any genre, it’s because his musical manifesto is a frustrated one: “I’m pretty fed up with guitar – Indie and techno can get a bit monotone after a while.” This could not come across any clearer than a listen through of his new album “Mänskligheten,” on which Det Var Jag is listed. If you’re up for a very diverse grouping of sounds, feelings and styles I recommend picking it up – I got my copy on iTunes. If you want more of the song I’m featuring in this section, check out his single: Nar Planeterna Stannat (Video). If you’re fluent in Swedish or want to give it a good try anyway, check out his web site. Or you could just do what I do and play this on endless repeat.





Mark Ronson and The Business Intl. – Bang Bang Bang (Russ Chimes Remix) – Bang Bang Bang featuring Q-Tip and MNDR. I stumbled across this amazing music video on a blog over the summer and was totally blown away. There was a lot of great music over the summer, so I think this one wound up getting lost in the shortlists, so I’m delighted to throw it in this week’s mix. Remembering the songs of last summer, this one instantly stood out in my mind – which is why it’s this week’s “Discovery.” The video below is the original mix, but the Russ Chimes Remix is the one you’ll hear in tonight’s show. Russ Chimes introduces a continuous snappy beat throughout the song that turns the song into a rich soundscape.  Bang Bang Bang was Ronson’s first single with his new band (The Business Intl.) and did quite well on the UK charts. I’ve since become a fan of Mark Ronson and The Business Intl’s song Somebody to Love Me, and of course the popular single The Bike Song. Check out his web site for clips and cuts.



Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy – Strange Talk is another Australian indie-dance group making a splash this year, similar to Monarchy and Cloud Control. Climbing Walls is bold, smart and produced to perfection. It’s entirely safe, by this I mean you can predict the whole song as you’re listening to it, no surprises. Fortunately, everything sounds great – from the incredibly rich drums to the falsetto humming to the guitar break around 2 minutes in, thus making the song very satisfying – I predict this song will appear in a television commercial in the next year. Strange Talk sounds a bit like Yeasayer, too, particularly in the way they layer their songs. Eskimo Boy is another great song, much more abstract and riskier. Come to think of it, their whole debut EP is fantastic. It’ll be the best three dollars you spend this week. Check it out on iTunes.



Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix) – I’ve always been a fan of Basement Jaxx, since their incredible debut album Remedy in 1999. Over the twelve long years since, they’ve never faltered in their unique touch on music, their delicate and creative hand in the vast, often numbing field of electronic music. This is art. Yeah, maybe  I sound bias or sentimental, but the BBC called their 2009 single Raindrops “a slinky, pounding, twinkling, uplifting house juggernaut.” Doorly’s Dubstep mix recently came out and I’m here to say it’s even better than the original mix. The frenetic pops are pared back, the voice is drawn out, the beat is rumbly and thick. The song is still uplifting, but in a more yearning way. The raindrops really feel a million miles away in this song. The beat meets the emotion, a true emotion, which feels rare in music, any music. This song will move you. Unless you’re offended by the human body or artistic expression check out the super trippy original video:



Almost Made It


La Roux


I’m Not Your Toy by La Roux got cut at the last minute. Too many great songs… Too many to choose from. She gets airtime all the time on Weekend Energy, though. Here’s the video:


Second Hour Rewind


The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include Yelle, Tesla Boy, Moullinex, The Whip and William Breakspear!

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”


Weekend Energy has been blowing out car stereo systems, upsetting the neighbors and enhancing the night life of western Kentucky every weekend since July 2007 on WKMS. Host Matt “McG” Markgraf pours through hundreds of songs each week to create “the loudest show on public radio” featuring the best techno, dance and electronica from around the world.

Weekend Energy airs Saturdays on 91.3 WKMS from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Stream it live on Saturday nights.

Hear the show streaming online.


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