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Datebook: July 22 – Georg Wilhelm Richmann turns 200

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Georg Wilhelm Richmann was born on July 22, 1711 (and died July 26, 1753). He was a German physicist who lived in Russia. A member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, he did pioneering work on electricity, atmospheric electricity and calorimetry. He may be most famous for having been electrocuted in St. Petersburg “while trying to quantify the response of an insulated rod to a nearby storm.” While the experiment was underway, a supposed ball lightning appeared and collided with Richmann’s head, killing him instantly. His shoes were blown open, parts of his clothes singed, the engraver knocked out; the doorframe of the room was split, and the door itself torn off its hinges. Reportedly, ball lightning traveled along the apparatus and was the cause of his death. He was apparently the first person in history to die while conducting electrical experiments.

It’s Friday, July 22

Tomorrow the Homeplace offers programming about historic wood planes from 1 to 4 p.m. Also in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation area tomorrow there’s a Nature Station Program at 2:15 about making your yard a certified wildlife habitat. Then at 6 there’s a sunset canoe trip for which reservations are necessary with a $25 fee at 270-924-2020.

Mayfield Graves County Needline and Food Pantry will distribute fresh vegetables and fruit from local gardens and orchards. Drop off your extra produce Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the pantry at 424 S. 9th Street.

Starting Monday the McCracken County Public Library offers you a three day opportunity to clear your overdue fines by donating new school supplies for Paducah Head Start Preschool Students. The kids need everything from crayons to backpacks to glue to erasers to Kleenex. This Head Start serves about 240 three and four year old pre-schoolers.

Enjoy Music from the Front Porch tomorrow from 10 to 1, here or streaming live at


Written by Matt Markgraf

July 22, 2011 at 8:26 am

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