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Good Read – Pogue’s War: Diaries of a WWII Combat Historian

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Pogue’s War: Diaries of a WWII Combat Historian
by Forrest C. Pogue

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Product Description:

With a foreword by Stephen Ambrose and a preface by Franklin D. Anderson Forrest Pogue (1912-1996) was undoubtedly one of the greatest World War II combat historians. Born and educated in Kentucky, he is perhaps best known for his definitive four-volume biography of General George C. Marshall.  Pogue’s War is drawn from Forrest Pogue’s handwritten pocket notebooks, carried with him throughout the war, long regarded as unreadable because of his often atrocious handwriting. Supplemented with carefully deciphered and transcribed selections from his diaries, the heart of the book is straight from the field. He not only graphically – yet also often poetically­­ – recounts the extreme circumstances of battle, but he also notes his fellow soldiers’ innermost thoughts, feelings, opinions, and attitudes about the cruelty of war. Franklin D. Anderson, Forrest Pogue’s nephew by marriage, is a longtime educator. He lives in Princeton, Kentucky.

Todd Hill says:

From the war-time diary of combat historian Sgt. Forrest C. Pogue, long time Murray resident and professor at MSU. Incredible story of coming ashore at Normandy. Just after the June 1944 invasion… Highly recommended!

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