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World Music from WKMS

Imported is WKMS’ premier international music program showcasing artists from all over the world. We combine an eclectic and genre-blending playlist with tracks by well-known and aspiring talent abroad. Hear Punjab, reggae, K-pop, indie, electronica and more from the mainstream to the culturally obscure.

IMPORTED [s01.e01]

Hey folks! What a neat little trip we have planned for you this Sunday (July 4)  @ Midnight or ANYTIME/ONDEMAND (once it’s posted.. not really sure about when that automated upload happens… Monday, maybe?) But we’ll get you a link ASAP!

In this show: we start out with a Bolly/Hollywood soundtrack hit from Academy Award-winning Artist/Producer/Composer AR Rahman.   We’ll take you to France to experience the triphop/electronic beats of Emilie Simon then later in the show we go Down Under with Xavier Rudd, a one-man band that will simply astound you (see video below).

 We’ll come back with some DJ Krush some more jazz-infused trip-hop; back to India with Apache Indian. Then we feature music with Latino influences from the likes of Grammy-winner Bebe and Jarabe De Palo, before finishing out the show with a remix from M.I.A. Hope you enjoy!

Contact us with opinions, requests, questions, anything:


A R Rahman – Jiya Jale
Emilie Simon – Desert
Tea Time – En La Calle
Gotan Project – Queremose Pas
Café Tacuba – Eres
Xavier Rudd – Footprint
DJ Krush – Final Home
Apache Indian – Tere Toor
Bebe – Malo
Jarabe De Palo – Escriban Mas Canciones
MIA – You’re Good (Diplo Mix)


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