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Weekend Energy Preview 6-18

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show is so audacious, it’s like out racing an avalanche while steering a dog sled on a steep, forested terrain and Tweeting thought provoking cereal slogans …like “How do they cram in all that graham?” and “Apple or cinnamon. Who will be the winna – mon?”


Designer Drugs – Zombies! (Kiddy Smile Parisian Rap Edit) – So this song almost made it into last week’s mix, and as punishment, it’s been in my head all week. Kiddy Smile’s zombie rap is infectious. The spooky theremin-y music with the fast French verbals and the cheeky background screaming make this song totally lush. Consider it Facebook-official, I’m a fan of Kiddy Smile. I’ll be playing more of his stuff on Weekend Energy and you can be rest assured this song will be in the Halloween mix this year. Also, the video is absolutely wild. Check it out here, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Reset! – Love and Revolution (Original Mix) – See this week’s “Featured” below.

The Young Punx – Young and Beautiful (Laurent Konrad Mix) – Back from the dead! The Young Punx haven’t been on Weekend Energy in like two years, but they’re in the mix this week thanks to Laurent Konrad’s excellent renovation of this 2006 relic. The vocals are smashed into a crisp, driving electro house beat, like the original song on tasteful hyperspeed (which I believe is the current socio-pop state in which we exist). This song bursts and blooms once again, like it probably did back in ’06, if music even existed then. Check out their song Juice and Gin remixed by Riva Starr, and Ready for the Fight remixed b y Gramophonedzie – great stuff.

Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (feat. Rye Rye)Teenage Bad Girl came to my plate hot and fresh in 2008 with the Boys Noize clone song Cocotte. They’re back in the mix with new sounds, off their EP Backwash, which sounds more unique and, frankly, far superior to Mr. Noize. To compare, The Wave is a straight up electro power drill. If you want the inside of your head swirled around a bit and left in the sun to reform, give that one a listen. But X Girl featuring the sassy yet delicious Rye Rye is playlist highlight. Any chance I get to play Rye Rye I’ll take it. Her edgy wordsmithery and quick-spit rapping pairs with a hard-edged beat like a fine cheese. If you like this one, check out her song Sunshine with M.I.A. remixed by Smalltown DJ’s. And if you want a profanity-laced masterpiece, listen to her song Bang, the WTF I Asked for a Kuduro Remix by Buraka Som Sistema. Highlight = Week.

(After the jump read this week’s Discovery and what Almost Made It)



Reset! is no newcomer to the Weekend Energy playlists, so I changed the name of this category to “Featured” for this week. I hope this is okay with you. This is, however, the first Reset! original I’ve played on Weekend Energy. Thus far, this large group (5) of Italian-based DJs has only appeared in remix form on Weekend Energy – and has made all of the following songs way way better than their original forms: 99 by Cassius, Stop and Stare by Fenech Soler, Superman by Lee Mortimer & Foamo… to name a few. Needless to say, I saw their name and an original mix with the EP Love & Revolution/Calypsoul and was sold. Love & Revolution is in the mix this week, and grabs a hold of the show like 20 mintues in, and has it’s merry way with it. Love & Revolution is a simple song at its core with an intense, shape-shifting organic rhythm, grinding/whirring harmonix vocoder vocals that draw out the lyrics “they’re gonna make love before they’re gonna make revolution.”  Let’s hope the song isn’t about robots. Calypsoul has the same sounds as the first song, but rubs up the intro into some flashy horns and a steamy toe-tapping house beat. I may put this one in next week’s mix. The EP is highly, highly recommended over here.

Almost Made It


Show Me, the new single by French duo SomethingALaMode almost made the cut this week. It’s a brash, vocal-driven banger at a blazing 2:41. It came down between this and the Kiddy Smile remix. I’m a huge fan of Something ALaMode’s earlier hit 5 AM, which is quite possibly one of the most perfect songs I heard all year in 2010. Show Me has plenty of room to expand, and I’ll throw it in the mix before the summer’s out. Here’s the video for 5 AM, watch it!

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include Richard Vission & Static Revenger, Polosid, Avicii & Sebastien Drums, Woflgang Gartner and more!

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Written by Matt Markgraf

June 18, 2011 at 2:11 am