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the morning cram [Patriot Act edition]

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Congress scrambles to extend the Patriot Act as President Obama orders it signed into law from across the sea.

NPR reports Obama ordered an automatic signing of a four-year extension while in France.

Meteorologist Beau Dodson says that the area “dodged a bullet.”

Kentucky~  A possible merger of Paducah and McCracken wouldn’t change anything for police; meanwhile police are offering money for info on drug store robbery. A Hoptown woman claims rape. The state is coming close to a Medicaid overhaul agreement. Hilda Legg has finally conceded the  Sec of State race to Johnson.

Tennessee~  Clarksville’s  Mayor wants to drop its lease with a struggling marina operator. Gov Haslam tells the Department of Education that teachers are not unhappy. The City of Clarksville sues to oversee the Power Board budget. The OVC baseball tournament continues in Jackson tonight.

Illinois~  Talks break down quickly at Honeywell because of overtime pay. The House demands more money for retirement pensions from state employees. The state saw unemployment drop in April.

Written by Gary Pitts

May 27, 2011 at 8:43 am

Posted in The Morning Cram

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