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Datebook: May 24 – Bob Dylan turns 70

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Bob Dylan was born on May 25, 1941. A major figure in music for five decades, most of his celebrated work dates from the 1960s, when he achieved an informal, figurehead status for chronicling social unrest. His earlier songs “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin” became anthems for the US civil rights and anti-war movements. NPR says happy birthday to Bob Dylan on Talk of the Nation today. Here’s the link.

Here’s Datebook for Tuesday, May 24

Memorial Day weekend brings River Days to LBL’s Woodlands Nature Station. All day Saturday Smokey Bear is there along with CSI: Critter Scene Investi”gators” Scavenger Hunt. At 11 a.m. learn about the King of the Fisherman: The Bald Eagle. From 1 to 3 there’s Crazy Quacker Kids’ Craft. The Alligator Snapper stars at 3:30 and there’s a Sunset Canoe Trip at 6. Get details at

Tomorrow the Tri-County Elder Abuse Chapter meets at noon and the Pennyrile Elder Abuse Board of Directors meets at 1 p.m. Both meet at the Pennyrile Area Development District Office, 300 Hammond Drive, Hopkinsville.

Summer Art Workshops start next week at the Murray Art Guild, 500 North 4th Street. The first one opening is Messy Fridays for preschoolers with adults which meets 9 to 10 a.m. Fridays June 3 through July 29. See for other workshop information.

Read about WKMS News winning Kentucky Associated Press awards of excellence Thanks for making this possible!


morning cram [bee voting edition]

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“In the spring, bee hives get so rich with honey, so crowded with baby bees, they often burst in two. Some bees stay in the original nest with a new queen, but a second group, led by the old queen, heads off to establish a new home.”

NPR reports on how bees vote on where they’ll move.

KENTUCKY ~ McCracken Fiscal Court votes against bringing in potentially polluting processing projects.  Police still searching for suspect in Symsonia stickup.

TENNESSEE ~ Missing teen appears safe and sound and confused by the “big deal.”

ILLINOIS ~ NRC says Honeywell plant looks good with no specific areas to address.

Written by Angela Hatton

May 24, 2011 at 9:29 am

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Our transmission woes!

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You guys are being very patient as we continue to work through issues at the LBL transmission center.  It’s Tuesday, May 24, and we’ve been trying to get back to normal since April 21 when erratic meter readings prompted Allen Fowler, our chief engineer, to cut the power going through the antenna in half so that the antenna wouldn’t burn up.  We’ve been replacing joints between sections on the small copper pipe inside the larger copper pipe that you see going up the 500 foot tower.  When the climbers got to the 400 foot height, they discovered a burnt hole in the outer copper pipe.  They also documented a white residue on bays of the antenna that they identified as the by-product of burning copper.

All this while, our main signal has been moved off the ten-bay main antenna to the four-bay antenna usually used for our HD signal, which has been moved to the single bay auxiliary.  The main signal strength has been further reduced because of this shift.  We’ve also experienced odd and annoying interference both on the analog and the digital transmissions.  Allen has diagnosed this as coming from our digital studio to transmitter link, which is closer to both of the antennas being used as alternates than it should be.  To cure this, we’ve switched to the analog studio to transmitter link on the analog signal, but not the digital signal.  It cleared up the analog problem, but the digital signal is still having trouble.  We need to get  the signals back to their usual antennas. 

Getting back to full power and having the signals where they ought to be coming from, though, is probably going to mean replacing the ten-bay antenna.  We will test it once the transmission lines are determined to be secure and sealed again, to see if it is able to carry the full load of the power that we usually transmit with.   Early and mid-April thunderstorms started this story and now storms continue to interrupt repairs.  

So that’s the story so far.  We’re sorry that our services are not as fabulous as they usually are, especially losing 89.5 Fulton, Martin, and Union City, since we’re not transmitting with enough power from the main to reach you there.  We will continue to work towards establishing an internet connection to provide you an un-interrupted signal like the folks are enjoying at 90.9 FM, Madisonville.  We are also close to being able to fire up the digital signal from 90.9 to make classical 105.1 listenable again.  It’s been using the signal from LBL and during the repairs, it’s been undependable.  All classical 92.5 Paducah also depends on getting the signal from LBL, so the sooner we get the digital signal back up to its home antenna the better.

We understand your sense of loss without your public radio home!  Hopefully we’ll get through this rough spell soon.  Thanks again for your patience!


Kate Lochte, Station Manager

Written by klochte

May 24, 2011 at 9:17 am

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