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On The Road: Weihai

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Well, reporting the news of Western Kentucky, Northwest Tennessee and Southernmost Illinois is in the capable hands of WKMS News while I’m away on a Murray State sponsored trip to Wehai, China.  The round trip takes a little more than 24 hours depending on layover time.  Four Murray State colleagues and I are visiting Shandong University. We’ll be here until May 31st.  Shandong’s enrollment between two campuses is around 95,000.

We’ve spent the morning on a city tour. This town, bordering the East China Sea, has been called the most “comfortable” city in China. Weihai is more of a tourist city and, according to our friend and tour guide Isaac, doesn’t fall in line with a Chinese industrial city.  But, Wehai has clear signs of the 8 percent economic growth. (The U.S. growth rate is around 1.8 percent) It is impossible to look anywhere in the city without seeing massive cranes and gigantic buildings under construction. Much of the building going on is in the housing sector. I’ve never been one for economics, though I do frequently tune into Marketplace, it is amazing to see clear evidence of what is being reported.

As expected some of our internet freedoms that we take for granted in the U.S. have been cut off. We are without youtube, gmail, facebook, and twitter. But, the Chinese have their own versions of the latter social network sites. Just this morning while watching China Central (CC) T.V. I caught an interesting conversation about Micro Blogging.   More than 200 million Chinese folks are Micro-Blogging (tweeting). Something interesting noted in the video  is that the Chinese “tweet” can contain more information in the allotted amount of characters than us Americans because of their symbol based language.

We are set to go on a campus tour in the next few minutes. Another interesting note, students wait in line to get….. in the library. And, no, the Library isn’t small by any means, it is actually one of, if not the largest building on campus (I’ll have to confirm during the tour) Students here are just that serious about studying. They are held to a 10:30 curfew and the power/lights are turned off in their dormitories after curfew. So, no late night youtubing…wait well no late night micro-blogging I guess.

I’ll check back when I can.

Written by Chad Lampe

May 19, 2011 at 1:47 am

Posted in WKMS Abroad

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  1. Great post. How do you pronounce Weihai?

    Next time you should load some pictures of this “tourist city.”

    Angela Hatton

    May 19, 2011 at 9:13 am

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