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Weekend Energy Preview 5/14

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Here’s what’s in the mix for this Saturday night’s Weekend Energy. This week’s show is so meticulously luxurious, it’s like a well-orchestrated diamond heist in your ears!


Breakbot – Fantasy (feat. Ruckazoid) – If you’re working on you summer mix, why not add the newest single by Breakbot? This short song is pure pep, great for dancing, yard work, watching roller coasters in slow motion and dipping vegetables into ranch dressing. Dance, dance with me! Anything Breakbot touches melts into gemstones like Baby I’m Yours and his remixes of Without Lies by Aeroplane and, of course, What’s Up Fatlip (by Fatlip). Here’s a fun diversion: the video for What’s Up Fatlip.

Mungolian Jetset – Moon Jocks ‘n’ Prog Rocks (Radio Edit) – See this week’s “Discovery” below.

In Flagranti – Hollow Discourse – Leave it to In Flagranti to get you up and dancing, every time, without fail. Hollow Discourse, from the new album “Worse For Wear” is solid strutting music. Why do we like cake? Because it’s simple: egg, flour, sugar (and maybe other stuff, I’ve never made a cake). Hollow Discourse is like a cake, it’s got a fat bassline paired up with a thick, sloppy drumbeat and that’s pretty much the recipe! When something tastes great, it doesn’t need more pepper.

Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix) – I’ve always been a fan of Basement Jaxx, since their incredible debut album Remedy in 1999. Over the twelve long years since, they’ve never faltered in their unique touch on music, their delicate and creative hand in the vast, often numbing field of electronic music. This is art. Yeah, maybe  I sound bias or sentimental, but the BBC called their 2009 single Raindrops “a slinky, pounding, twinkling, uplifting house juggernaut.” Doorly’s Dubstep mix recently came out and I’m here to say it’s even better than the original mix. The frenetic pops are pared back, the voice is drawn out, the beat is rumbly and thick. The song is still uplifting, but in a more yearning way. The raindrops really feel a million miles away in this song. The beat meets the emotion, a true emotion, which feels rare in music, any music. This song will move you. Unless you’re offended by the human body or artistic expression check out the super trippy original video.

(After the jump read this week’s Discovery and what Almost Made It)


Mungolian Jetset

This Norwegian duo is difficult to define. Their music defiles (more than merely defies) logic and categorization. It’s more like an instant acid trip. Just sample five minutes of their album “We Gave It All Away  And Now We’re Taking It Back.” Chances are you’ll be frightened yet amused, like being trapped in a house of mirrors. Some of my favorite tracks are Creepy, Ocean 0304 (Cruusin With the Henley’s Mix) and Milano Model – A Thrilling Mungophony in Two Parts. The song in this week’s mix, of course is their new(ish) single Moon Jocks ‘n’ Prog Rocks, which is surprisingly radio friendly, with a prog house disco beat and super funky lyrics. The beat is truly feet altering. Your head will turn into a wavy Y shape. If you turn the song up loud enough, you’d swear you were being abducted by Martians. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Martians did indeed listen to Mungolian Jetset. I mentioned that this song was “radio friendly” only perhaps, as an example that the duo can produce this kind of music, should the spirits (many glasses of fine spirits) move them. Instead of waiting around though, just let them crack open your mind and wedge their crazy sound in there. Your initiation begins on their website (where you can also hear more of their music).

I couldn’t find a good video of Moon Jocks ‘n’ Prog Rocks, but here’s an awesome jungle remix of the song:

Almost Made It


I had a couple dubstep songs that I wanted to use at the end of the mix. King Kong by DatsiK & Bare and Raindrops by Basement Jaxx, Doorly’s Dubstep Mix wound up making the cut, but one of them that didn’t was Sunlight by Modestep, similar to Raindrops, another one of those rare uplifting dubstep tracks. Nevermind the lyrics “the sunlight hurts my eyes,” this guy loves that sunlight hurts his eyes, because the song just makes you wake up, smell the fresh air of a poorly ventilated apartment and feel glad the blinds are firmly shut. Also, it picks up near the end into a zen-like drum and bass outro. Sunlight is a short, vibrant homage to those of us who fare better at 3 a.m. rather than 8 a.m.

Second Hour Rewind

The second hour rewind is the previous week’s first hour. Featured artists include French Horn Rebellion, GROUPLOVE, Jaguar Love, 2000FASTWOMEN and more!

“Crank up your stereo, bust out the strobe light and kick up the bass.”

Weekend Energy has been blowing out car stereo systems, upsetting the neighbors and enhancing the night life of western Kentucky every weekend since July 2007 on WKMS. Host Matt “McG” Markgraf pours through hundreds of songs each week to create “the loudest show on public radio” featuring the best techno, dance and electronica from around the world.

Weekend Energy airs Saturdays on 91.3 WKMS from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Stream it live on Saturday nights.

Hear the show streaming online.


Written by Matt Markgraf

May 14, 2011 at 1:00 am

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