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morning cram [countdown to shutdown] edition

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“A partial shutdown of the U.S. government appeared increasingly imminent Tuesday as White House talks between President Obama and congressional leaders ended — publicly, at least — in stalemate.”

NPR reports Congress, the Senate, and President Obama remain in talks ahead of a possible shutdown Friday.

KENTUCKY ~ Kentucky’s auditor says nonprofit half-way house organization isn’t transparent. The Senate caucuses in Frankfort today to continue Medicaid talks; House won’t participate.  Death penalty still legal, but the state faces major obstacles to carrying out a sentence.  A Lexington judge refuses to dismiss the trial of a Rand Paul volunteer accused of stomping on a liberal activist. Former WKU president Downing dies at 89. AT&T announces 3G (finally) in Calloway County.

TENNESSEE ~ House approves photo ID at polls bill; Senate approved it in February. Clarksville City Council overhauls local election procedures. Ned McWherter will have funeral services in Nashville and Dresden.


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