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Civil War Dispatch 9 – Louisville, a bastion of Unionism
Each week, WKMS’ own Civil War correspondent Todd Hatton brings us stories written by author and historian Berry Craig detailing the Commonwealth’s role in the American Civil War. On today’s Kentucky Civil War Dispatch, we look at Louisville and its place as a bastion of Unionism in the Bluegrass.
Nursing Homes: finding the right caregivers
Hiring the right people has long been a problem at Kentucky’s nursing homes. Low pay, hard hours and heartbreaking work complicates the job of finding and keeping competent employees. In addition, they also need caregivers capable of compassion. Kentucky Public Radio’s Stu Johnson takes a look at the profiles of two such women.
A March Conversation with Murray State’s President
No matter where you look it’s hard to escape talks of cutting budgets. The conversation is loudest in Washington. And in their monthly chat Chad Lampe hears from Murray State President Dr. Randy Dunn about federal budget talks with our Kentucky delegation and the impact their decisions on Murray State.
Governor Beshear on the upcoming special session
Despite cautious optimism over better-than-expected state revenue receipts, Kentucky lawmakers have been wrangling over spending issues, and budget cuts in the recent regular session. And it appears as though they’ll keep wrangling, as Governor Steve Beshear has called a special session to begin Monday. Todd Hatton spoke with Governor Beshear to get his perspective on the upcoming special session, and the rhetoric surrounding it.
International Students Yearn for Family at Graduation
Murray State University’s international students have to give up a lot when they come to study in the United States. Most importantly, they separate themselves from their families. Some students go home once a year, or every few years. Sometimes parents come to the states to visit, but that’s not guaranteed. A graduating student may want his or her parents to come for the graduation ceremony. If they do, they need to start planning early.
Fulton Independent Schools’ Superintendent Dianne Owen on Denied District Merger
Fulton Independent School District’s Board of Education voted this past week against a proposed merger with Fulton County Schools. The decision comes as both districts watch a decline in students and a decline in funding. David Schmoll sits down with Fulton Independent School’s Superintendent Dianne Owen to discuss the board’s decision not to merge.
Lawmakers Will Return for Special Medicaid Session
The dust is still settling from this year’s regular legislative session, but Kentucky lawmakers are being ordered back to Frankfort for a special session on Medicaid. Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh explains what’s behind this unusual turn of events.
Christian Co. Schools Superintendent on Commissioner’s Decision
There’s been quite a bit of noise in the Christian County Schools system recently. Kentucky’s Education Commissioner Terry Holliday made some waves when he overrode a state audit board’s recommendation and moved to disband Christian County High School’s site-based council, a local advisory group of parents and teachers. The high school is ranked among the lowest-performing in the commonwealth. Jacque Day discussed the ongoing situation with Superintendent Brady Link.

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March 12, 2011 at 1:26 pm

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