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WKMS response to Ron Schiller video

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On behalf of WKMS, I want go on record in agreement with what my colleague Ellen Rocco writes in response to the new, disturbing video of NPR development staff which hit the internet today 3-8-11.  Here is her text:

Mr. Schiller and Ms. Liley do not speak for public radio professionals. Not by a long shot. At NCPR, our mission is to bring thorough, balanced and fair coverage of all issues to the people we serve. Our mission is to offer the highest quality news, information and cultural content we can. Our reporters do not divide the population of this country into categories of good and bad, liberal and conservative, educated and ignorant. We do not divide people by religion, race or ethnic background. Our work is to create a space where all of us can come to learn and talk about the world around us. Our work is keep the public informed so that we have a strong democracy. We are a resource shared by all Americans and, as such, we disagree with the comments by Mr. Schiller: we believe that public funds should be a part, not all, but a part of what pays the bills for non-commercial public media. We unequivocally remove ourselves from much of what Mr. Schiller and Ms. Liley said on this tape!  And…we expect NPR to take appropriate action in response to this tape.

At WKMS we strive for the same values.  Sometimes we get it wrong – we re-examine and correct.  We are very disappointed in this destructive video and the NPR people in it.  As a regional service for northwest Tennessee, southernmost Illinois, and western Kentucky, WKMS must be a connector rather than a divider of communities – and so must NPR be on a much broader scale.

Kate B. Lochte

Station Manager, WKMS

Click here to see the video, NPR’s response and updates about the situation on NPR’s Two-Way Blog.


Written by Matt Markgraf

March 8, 2011 at 3:20 pm

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  1. We unequivocally remove ourselves from much of what Mr. Schiller and Ms. Liley said on this tape!

    What do you not remove yourselves from that was said on the tape? Please clarify.

    Denis E.

    March 8, 2011 at 4:09 pm

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