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Federal Cuts to Affect Low-income Rural Kentuckians 
This week, the U.S. government averted a temporary shutdown by passing a continuing resolution, CR, to fund operations through March 18. But the move only buys a little time to resolve a hotly debated budget. The proposed House measure places dozens of government-sponsored programs on the chopping block, from the Fish and Wildlife Service to HUD, to Women, Infants and Children. Jacque Day brings us this report on how cuts may affect our region’s low-income residents.
Kentucky Civil War Dispatch 8: Lincoln’s first address
Each week, WKMS’ own Civil War correspondent Todd Hatton brings us stories written by author and historian Berry Craig detailing the Commonwealth’s role in the American Civil War. On today’s Kentucky Civil War Dispatch, new U.S. President and Kentucky native Abraham Lincoln is sworn into office, and in his first address, urges calm amid the rising sectional tensions.
Nathan Brown on working with Project AIDS Orphan
In the U.S., a dollar and a half is the cost of a casual trip to a vending machine. In Kenya, those same six quarters can change a school child’s entire life. Nathan Brown of Project AIDS Orphan talks about helping Kenyans help themselves.
High Speed Rail and Rural Counties
By the end of 2010 the federal government had doled out nearly five billion dollars. As the nation sets out on this massive undertaking, transportation officials consider how to incorporate high speed rail into daily travel. Angela Hatton spoke with Ed Cole, Executive Director of the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee and former Environmental Planning Director for the state Department of Transportation. Cole explains how the rail corridor may affect rural communities in Kentucky and Tennessee.
How Technology is Changing the Way Libraries do Business
Despite the rise of the internet and all of the information it provides, librarians argue their mission remains unchanged. They say only a library guarantees free access to information. Still, as KPR’s Charles Compton reports, technology has changed the way libraries do business.

Murray State Men’s Basketball Coach Billy Kennedy on the Upcoming OVC Tournament 
The Murray State Men’s Basketball team heads into the OVC tournament as the number 1 seed for the second year in a row. Last year the Racers won the OVC tournament and advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament .This season the Racers struggled out of the gate, but ended up taking the regular season crown. OVC’s Coach of the Year Billy Kennedy sits down with David Schmoll to discuss the Racers’ season and their next challenge.
Growing up in Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement
Dr. Jacqueline Carter is a neurologist at Western Baptist Hospital. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

One Lawmaker’s Annual Pitch to Reform Taxes Interests Few
A Kentucky lawmaker determined to update the state’s antiquated tax code has made his annual pitch for reform. But as Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh reports, the bill is generating little excitement as time runs out on the 2011 session.

Written by Chris Taylor

March 4, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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