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Severe Weather Alert 2-27

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Sunday, February 27

Alert:  Potentially significant severe weather event starting this evening and continuing through 6 a.m. Monday.

Click here to learn how to program your radio to Paducah Weather Radio.

Click here to watch a multimedia weather briefing about this storm event.


Calloway County Local Emergency Management Director Bill Call tells WKMS News about the weather threat for our area tonight into tomorrow morning and where in the house to take cover.  Recorded at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, 2-27-11.

Bill Call 2/27

Jason Wilson of NWS describes the significant weather event threatening our area overnight tonight.  Recorded at 4:25 p.m. Sunday, 2-27-11.

Jason Wilson 2/27


Chris Noles NWS Paducah gave this weather briefing earlier today:

NWS is predicting Significant severe weather event as early as this evening continuing through the night into the early morning hours. Storm prediction center predicts a high probability of tornadic activity for northwest Tennessee, west Kentucky and southernmost Illinois. Storm prediction center predicts damaging winds tonight in excess of 58 mph likely with supercellular storms. Large hail is most likely to occur from Arkansas to the Confluence of the Ohio and the Mississipi.

Super cell storm likelihood higher because more instability than Thursday. Hail still a concern through the night. The biggest concern is tornadoes and very high wind. Windshear is increasing substantially. Storms may become rapidly severe as they head northeast into our area. Damaging wind, large hail and tornadoes. Temps are unseasonably high in the Mid sixties to lower seventies, atmosphere destabilizing. Message is different today than yesterday. Storm mode may be different later on and there’s increased concern for earlier round this evening.

Midnight – hard to tell, from midnight on to 6 a.m. turn attention to west as cold front approaches. Strong to severe storms, wind damage threat more likely although tornadoes possible. By mid to late morning the system will be shifting out.

Tonight in the sixties, temps plunging tomorrow afternoon. Not expecting the same kind of rain of Thursday, but since ground conditions saturated there are flooding concerns because of rain falling more heavily for short periods of time, leading to flash flooding. Be prepared for storms this evening through tomorrow morning. Potentially significant severe weather event. Significant tornadoes could occur with supercellular storms moving through the area. Better to be safe than sorry.

Think about networking with family and friends.  If you hear a warning, call a friend or family to spread the word to keep people prepared and informed. Take care!

More from Kentucky Emergency Management and National Weather Service:

Kentucky Emergency  Management (KYEM) and officials at the National Weather Service (NWS) urge Kentuckians to prepare as a strong storm system is expected to move into the western part of the state late this evening and move northeast across Kentucky on Monday.

This system is capable of producing heavy rains, large hail, high winds and possible strong tornadoes. According to a statement issued by NWS, the potential for severe weather appears somewhat higher than the previous system that moved through last Thursday.  That system was blamed for fourth deaths in Graves County.

Of particular concern with this storm is the timing, as the greatest risk is during the overnight hours when people are unaware of their situation, unaware of public warnings and are in more vulnerable housing and structures. Researches conducted by Northern Illinois University showed nighttime tornadoes are twice as likely to kill as daytime tornadoes.

At this time, counties west of Interstate 65 appear to be at the greatest risk, but flood watches and other warnings are likely to be issued as the storm tracks across the Commonwealth.  However, with this and any storm system, severe weather and outbreaks can happen anywhere at any time.  BE AWARE BE PREPARED HAVE A PLAN!

If you encounter water over a roadway, do not attempt to drive through it, please…, STOP TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN!  If you encounter downed power lines, do not approach, call your local emergency management or utility provider and provide the location.

With the ground already saturated, river flooding continues to be a possibility and concern.  If you live along rivers and flood prone areas, be prepared to take appropriate action.  For river level information, go to:  There you can find current river conditions and links to additional weather information.

Stay abreast of the latest weather forecasts and be sure to monitor your NOAA Weather Radio and local broadcast media for weather updates, alerts and important safety messages.  Check on neighbors and family members to make sure they are aware of potential threatening weather and ask if they are able to receive alert warnings.

Links to the NWS website, county weather alerts, weather safety tips and additional information is available at

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Written by Matt Markgraf

February 27, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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