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E-cigarettes deliver nicotine hits and controversy
We live in an ever-growing “e-world,’ from e-mail to e-bay and countless other “e” products and services. Kentucky Public Radio’s Ron Smith reports that one relatively new “e” item, the e-cigarette, is delivering nicotine hits and plenty of controversy.
February conversation with Murray State President
Dr. Dunn and Chad Lampe discuss the suspension of a Murray State professor over alleged racist slurs as well as the budget priorities for the university.
Civil War Dispatch 6 – America’s 16th President
We continue our ongoing look back at the U.S. Civil War in the Commonwealth. On today’s Kentucky Civil War Dispatch, America’s incoming 16th president heads to Washington, and begins his efforts to hold the country together even before he’s sworn in.
Darrell Scott on upcoming Lovett Live concert
Singer/songwriter Darrell Scott has been a working musician for over three decades. Music from the Front Porch host John McMillen spoke with Scott about his Kentucky roots, his latest album, and what to expect when he performs Saturday, February 19 at 8 as part of MSU’s Lovett Live Onstage Series.
Raffaele Ponti on PSO’s “Brilliant!”
George Eldridge sits down with Paducah Symphony Orchestra conductor Raffaele Ponti to learn more about Saturday’s performance of scores from Academy Award-winning films.
Antique Mall Closure Causes Unrest in Small Town
Hazel, Kentucky, is a border town in Calloway County, just before the Tennessee state line. It’s a town of fewer than five hundred people, and it would be a blip on the road for most travelers if it wasn’t for Hazel’s most important asset: antiques. The city’s official website calls antique stores “the lifeblood of this community.” As Angela Hatton reports a dispute over business licenses may hurt the future of those stores.
In 1960s Baltimore, the 50s are out, and change is in the air. This weekend, Murray’s Playhouse in the Park opens “Hairspray.” Based on the 1988 film by John Waters, this musical comedy takes on society’s injustices and the many forms of prejudice. Director Lisa Cope and Murray State freshman and cast member Aaron Jones joined Jacque Day for this discussion.
Conversation with Irish novelist, MSU Watkins Chair Martin Roper
Irish novelist Martin Roper is Murray State’s newest endowed Watkins Chair in Creative Writing. His acclaimed first novel titledGone was published in 2002 by Henry Holt, and portions of the book also appeared in The New Yorker. And he’s presently at work on a new novel. Martin Roper reads Thursday, February 17 as part of the Murray State University Reading Series. He joined Jacque Day for a discussion about his life and work.

Written by Chris Taylor

February 19, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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