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morning cram [tarp edition]

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US foreclosures matched their highest level on record at the end of last year.

NPR reports the Troubled Asset Relief Program’s (TARP) special inspector general says the program is broken.

KENTUCKY~ A Paducah/McCracken County merger would need to sort out what police get paid. The National Symphony Orchestra will strike chords across the Commonwealth (in Paducah Monday). House members passed the most sweeping reforms to the state’s penal code (since 1970.) A Senate Committee thumbs their noses at environmentalism, calls for sanctuary from the EPA, and US Congressman Ed Whitfield wants the EPA to leave gas alone too.  Backyard artifacts get more protection from the state Antiquities Act. Folks in Kentucky needing driver’s licenses or ID before Tuesday are out of luck. A Murray artist will paint the Governor (in oil).

TENNESSEE~ Union City’s mayor tries to cheer up local officials amidst the Goodyear plant’s impending closure.

ILLINOIS~ Honeywell & USW pen in another date. Attorney General Lisa Madigan rakes in $1bil for the state (on a tight budget).


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