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The Front Page – Chinese New Year Special [02.11.11]

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Chinese Students Adapt to American Freedoms
The Chinese government actively encourages students to study in America and earn their degrees from American universities even with the two powers at two ends of the political spectrum. David Schmoll looks at one student’s journey into the American political system.
Chinese agriculture major Corona on music and Murray
Electronic musician Corona has a sound all her own. Corona is in Murray on a research program from an agricultural university in China. She’s working on international affairs research, but in her spare time, she turns to her passion, music. She’s taken her own time out of her six month stay in Murray to participate in the music department’s music synthesis class. Rebecca Feldhaus talked to Corona about what makes her music so personal.
“Mom’s Cooking” Important Chinese Tradition
American’s understanding of Chinese food has come a long way since the days of Chop Suey in San Francisco’s Chinatown. According to trade magazine Chinese Restaurant News, there are over 43,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States. But the majority of restaurants are “Americanized,” and not good representations of authentic Chinese dining.
The cultural differences of faith between China and Murray
Rebecca Feldhaus brings us the story of one Chinese student who has found faith in Murray and helps us understand cultural differences surrounding faith in her home country.
Murray State’s President on relationship with China
Murray State University President Dr. Randy Dunn sits down with Chad Lampe to talk about the growth of the University’s Chinese student population and recruitment efforts.

Community impact of MSU’s cultural exchange with China
Kate Lochte discovers Murray State’s interest in a cultural exchange with China grew the accrual of relationships, both institutional and personal.

Ping Pong, Education & Competitiveness in China
Ping pong is one of China’s most popular sports. Chris Taylor heads over to Murray State’s Wellness Center to square off against MSU Chinese language instructor Frank Geng. And, as he finds out, the Chinese culture’s take on the spirit of competition is not all about who wins and it’s not even all about sports or athleticism either.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Murray
Much of the world celebrated the lunar New Year last week. It’s the year of the rabbit and February 3rd marked the start of the Chinese Spring festival this year.
Chinese Students Dating in the U.S.
Another part of any culture is finding the right mate. Traditionally dating in China is more formal and drawn out. But here at Murray State specifically many embrace an American style of dating.

Written by Chris Taylor

February 11, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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