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morning cram [winter storm edition]

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A colossal blizzard roaring across a third of the country has paralyzed the nation’s heartland with ice and snow.

NPR has the latest on the monstrous storm already billed as the worst in decades.

KENTUCKY~ High winds through the area have knocked some trees down and blew a roof off a trailer. Flights out of Paducah to Chicago are canceled until tomorrow afternoon. MSU packed Lovett Auditorium to hear a speech by actor Ben Stein. Mayfield’s ex-Mayor accuses current Mayor Cantrell of nepotism. A Carlisle County Middle School teacher wins $72k on Wheel of Fortune. Governor Beshear doesn’t like the way federal regulators are treating the state’s coal industry.  Senate Prez Williams wants the state congress to take off early.

TENNESSEE~ Montgomery County Mayor Bowers says property taxes need to go up.

ILLINOIS~ US Marshals track down an alleged Massac County sexual predator in a Wyoming village.


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