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Market forces in conservative talk radio 
Justified or not, conservative talk shows have been blamed for a lack of civility in American society. The hosts of these radio programs are often provocative, critical of President Obama, his Democratic colleagues and liberal causes, and they’re highly profitable. Kentucky Public Radio’s Bryan Bartlett reports on the market forces that power conservative talk radio.

The Q&A – Rep. Melvin Henley on upcoming General Assembly 
Kentucky’s State Senate passed a flurry of bills before the recess this month, but despite the activity, one House member isn’t convinced senators really got anything done. A Q&A with 5th District State Representative Melvin Henley.

Kentucky Civil War Dispatch 4: Kentucky’s Pro-South Region 
We continue our look at what was happening in Kentucky 150 years ago as the nation descended into disunion. Here’s Part 4 of our on-going series, Kentucky’s Civil War Dispatches. A visit to the Commonwealth’s lone pro-south region, the Jackson Purchase.

Increased Meth Labs Put Strain on the Kentucky State Police 
Kentucky law enforcement busted 1,060 meth labs in Kentucky last year. That’s over 300 more than in 2009. More meth labs means more police investigations, and more stress on the state’s law enforcement officers. As Angela Hatton reports, manpower restrictions and inconsistent funding means police in western Kentucky continue to play catch-up.

McCracken Official Opens Up about County/City Lawsuit 
McCracken County’s Fiscal Court voted Monday to sue the city of Paducah over annexation of a hundred-plus acres of Paducah Power and Tennessee Valley Authority property along Schneidman Road. In a phone conversation, County Commissioner Jerry Beyer says the city’s land grab is illegal because it wasn’t adjacent to the city’s boundaries. Instead, he says, it’s corridor annexation’ because it included a narrow strip of Paducah & Louisville Railway right of way.

Jon Hayden Speaks on Bath Salts 
A new drug has taken to the market in McCracken County. Already, 10 people have been hospitalized after exposure to what people are calling legal, synthetic cocaine. The products are being labeled as bath salts and when consumed give the user a stimulate like high. David Schmoll learns more with McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden.

Stroke Drug Could Save More Lives If Patients Arrived at ER Sooner
A stroke can devastate a person’s life. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. In 2005, it was the fifth leading cause of death in Kentucky. The 51 percent in Kentucky who survive have the chance of lifelong paralysis. When a stroke hits, the key is response. As Angela Hatton reports, recognizing symptoms may save more than a person’s life.

Purchase Players Present “Dearly Departed” 
The Purchase Players of Mayfield open their show “Dearly Departed” tonight at 7PM, a comedy that begins with a Southern family’s father figure suddenly keeling over at the breakfast table. Rose Krzton-Presson spoke with Pam Wright, director of “Dearly Departed” as well as mast members Brian O’neill and Cheyenne Wagner about this dark comedy.


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January 28, 2011 at 8:49 pm

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